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Whether you want to travel via rickshaws, car, bus, train, or Metro Rail, Kafrul is certainly one of the most accessible areas in Dhaka. That is why we are looking for a Kafrul area guide.

The Kafrul Thana is located at the Northwest of Dhaka and is part of Dhaka North City Corporation. It is surrounded by Sher-E-Bangla Nagar Thana on the west, Cantonment Thana on the north and east, and the Tejgaon Thana on the south.

It has an area of 17.8 sq./km and a population of around 396,182 (according to the 2011 Census). With a number of mahallas and such a huge population, Kafrul is one of the active areas in Dhaka City.

The Dhaka Cantonment, the headquarters of Bangladesh Army and Air Force, is in this area, along with many military residences, golf clubs, ministry offices, military hospitals, etc. Ultimately, it makes Kafrul one of the vital and secure places to live in.

The roads in the area are well-maintained and have less traffic. Several footover bridges ensure safety for all. Moreover, it has many significant locations, such as the Tejgaon Airport, Bangladesh Air Force Museum, Bangladesh Regional Passport Office, CMH, etc.

You can easily travel to various locations via bus or any local ride. Moreover, traveling in and out of the area is convenient because of its many bus routes. Moreover, it has several railway stations nearby, along with multiple Metro Rail stations from Farmgate to Kazipara.

The Tejgaon Airport and the National Parade Ground are two of the well-known locations in the area. On top of that, several reputed educational institutions, such as BAF Shaheen College, Cantonment School & College, and Adamjee School & College, are also in Kafrul.

Overall, Kafrul is one of the best and most convenient places to live at a reasonable cost.

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tick iconKafrul is part of DNCC and is located Northwest of Dhaka City.
tick iconDhaka Cantonment, the headquarters of the Bangladesh Army and Air Force, is located in the area.
tick iconIt is a well-secure area with controlled traffic, which offers a better living environment.
tick iconThe area has various historical landmarks, and the Air Force Museum is an attraction for all.
tick iconKafrul offers transportation accessibility in different parts of Dhaka and has many railway routes nearby.


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Kafrul - Cantonment
Kafrul - Tejgaon
Kafrul - Farmgate
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Banani Railway Station
Farmgate Metro Rail Station
Bijoy Sharani Metro Rail Station
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tick iconMany new housing, apartments, and commercial projects have been initiated to improve the lifestyle and facilities in Kafrul.

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tick iconThere are many bus routes and bus stops in the area that offer more access to communication.
tick iconIt is also easy to travel in and out of Kafrul, as it has multiple railway routes, including several Metro Rail stations nearby.
tick iconHousing in Kafrul is affordable for middle-class and upper-middle-class families.
tick iconHousing in Kafrul is affordable for middle-class and upper-middle-class families. 5 From bazaars to shopping complexes, restaurants, and parks, Kafrul has several amenities.
tick iconWith the Dhaka Cantonment in the area, most parts of Kafrul are relatively safe and have a comparatively low crime rate.
tick iconThere are several attractions in the area, and it is a great place to live.

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tick iconResidents often face issues due to a shortage of water and gas supply.
tick iconThe area requires more amenities for common residents as it is mostly a cantonment-based area.
tick iconThere have been numerous fire and murder incidents in the area.
tick iconThe area faces air and water pollution due to urbanization.

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