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কামরাঙ্গীরচর, ঢাকা

Kamrangirchar is bounded by Hazaribagh thana and Lalbagh thanda on the north, Lalbagh thana and Chawkbazar thana on the east, and the famous Keranigonj upazila on the south and west. Kamrangirchar is a densely populated place that has a vibe of traditional Old Dhaka. It is quite a big area, and the total area associated with this place is about 3.63 km (1.40 square miles).

Kamrangirchar has a population of 93,601 with an average household size of 4.3 members and an average literacy rate of 57.6% (according to the 2011 census). This place is well-known as a slum. Slums can be located on the outskirts and in less accessible regions, such as alleys. A 2006 survey of slums in Bangladesh showed that the single biggest concentration of slums was in the DUMP area in Kamrangirchar. The survey also found that approximately 300,000 people live there, and among them, 265,000 are slum dwellers. As per a 2021 survey, the largest slum in Kamrangirchar, where over 600,000 people live in slums.

A place named Sultanganj is famous in Kamrangirchar, is located in DCC (Kotwali), Dhaka district, Dhaka division. This is a big place and a lot of people live here.

Overall, Kamrangirchar may not have the same level of popularity and recognition as other areas of Dhaka city, its cultural diversification, and community spirit make it a noteworthy place and also a place to be considered for development.

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tick iconThe area is located along the banks of the Buriganga River, thus giving it a wonderful location in terms of transportation and commerce.
tick iconThe place has its share of both affluent and low-income residents.
tick iconThe place has a vibrant economy with various small-scale industries and businesses. This area is famous for shipbuilding, metalwork, and textiles.
tick iconIt has access to roads and highways, including the Dhaka-Chittagong highway, giving it a great opportunity to be accessible.
tick iconIt is like a home to various mosques, temples, and other places for worship—a place where diverse communities live with one another.


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Azimpur - Lalbagh Thana
Azimpur - Kamrangirchar
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tick iconKamrangirchar is under construction on a 6-lane bridge named after Mayor Taposh.
tick iconThe DSCC wants to evict nearly two million residents and make it a business hub under the “Central Business District” development project.

এখানে কি ভালো?

tick iconKamrangirchar is very famous for its strong sense of community.
tick iconResidents often come together to celebrate religious events, festivals, and social gatherings.
tick iconThis place is culturally diversified, with people from various backgrounds and ethnicities living all together.
tick iconKamrangirchar has vibrant local markets and eateries where people can have a taste of authentic Bangladeshi cuisine and shop for various goods including fresh produce, handicrafts, and textiles.
tick iconThe place offers opportunities for exploration and discovering hidden gems by interacting with locals and gaining insights into the actual lifestyle of Dhaka people.
tick iconKamrangirchar has not been developed that much, yet some of the places nearer to the Thana area, seem safe and sound.

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tick iconTraffic Control
tick iconCongested Area
tick iconInadequate infrastructure
tick iconCrime control
tick iconRoads and sanitation
tick iconPollution of water and air
tick iconWaste management

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