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Khilgaon has abruptly become the talk of the town for various eateries. Once a disregarded area, it has now flourished as a food heaven for the Dhaka people. Confined within a 14.02 square Km area, Khilgaon accommodates 327,717 residents. This Khilgaon area guide will reveal the hidden potential of Khilgaon, both for residential and commercial purposes.

One major development in Khilgaon is the upraising of small to medium food stalls spread on Taltola Road. The varieties of cuisine choices, affordable pricing, and popularity over the Internet have made this area the most hyped for food and hangouts.

The emergence of Khilgaon as a food heaven started with the popularity of Apon Coffee House. Once people became fans of their coffee, other entrepreneurs marked Khilgaon for their venture. Gradually, Khilgaon became a popular gateway for hanging out and trying different street and Western food types.

Even though Khilgaon has come to light as a food heaven, this area has been densely populated ever since. The educational institutions, nearby hospitals, parks, and reasonable rent for housing were some of the reasons people chose to base their nest here.

Many office-going bachelor people are choosing Khilgaon to set their nests. As Khilgaon is closely attached to Motijheel, Moghbazar, and Paltan, where many offices are situated, Khilgaon has been a residential paradise for people with limited income and who seek easy commute.

Khilgaon is now a name of comfort for middle-income groups, bachelors, and students. The affordable rent and a promising neighborhood have made it one of the top sought-after locations in Dhaka for residential purposes. The inauguration of Khilgaon flyover has rendered the residents of Khilgaon a faster way to commute.

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tick iconKhilgaon is a densely populated area. It is often loud and chaotic during the day.
tick iconThe roads and streets, especially Taltola Road, become jam-packed and crowded during the evening.
tick iconThere are some prominent school campuses and medical facilities near the area.
tick iconThe lanes and goli are too congested and disorganized.
tick iconThe neighborhood is friendly and amiable.


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Khilgaon - Motijheel
Khilgaon - Nilkhet
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Dhaka MRT 6, Motijheel Station
Kamalapur Railway station

নতুন উন্নয়ন

tick iconAfter the inauguration of the Khilgaon flyover, there has been a surge in real estate business in the area.
tick iconSome housing projects by BDDL properties, Resource Development, and Swadesh Properties exist.
tick iconSome popular food chains like Secret Recipe, Dominos, and Burger King have open brunches at Khilgaon.

এখানে কি ভালো?

tick iconThe markets are a huge part of khilgaon. So, you can get any item you need in your day-to-day life at reach.
tick iconBased between Dhaka North and Dhaka South, Khilgaon is a focal point for Motijheel, Rajarbag, sayedabad, Badda, and Rampura.
tick iconWhether it is family day, romantic evening, or a friend's hangout, you can find a perfect restaurant that caters to your requirements.
tick iconone of Dhaka’s best educational institutions and hospitals are situated in Khilgaon.

কোথায় উন্নয়ন প্রয়োজন?

tick iconThe roads and lanes are too cramped. The illegal occupation by vendors has made daily commutes very challenging.
tick iconDue to a lack of monitoring, some unethical businessmen sell low-quality products at a higher price.
tick iconOften, local goons and gangs terrorize the visitors.
tick iconThe upsurge of plastic use in restaurants and eateries often clogs the area during the rainy season.

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