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Motijheel is the heart of Dhaka and has more corporate offices than any other region in Dhaka. It has the largest central business district and commercial hub in Dhaka and arguably the largest in Bangladesh. In Motijheel, you can find all different types of businesses from sectors ranging from financial services to news and media.

This area houses the country's largest number of corporate headquarters and banks. Grand hotels and media publishers are based in Motijheel. Also, the head offices of two of the largest conglomerates of Bangladesh, Akij Group and Anwar Group of industries are inside Motijheel.

The road infrastructure is well-constructed, and there are multiple inter-district bus counters by the Toyenbee Circular Road, along with rickshaws and tempos. Motijheel is also in close proximate to the country’s three most important gateway terminals- Kamalapur Railway Staton, BRTC CBS-2 Bus Terminal, and Sadarghat.

There are many good hospitals in and around the Motijheel area, and there is no shortage of mosques here, especially the Baitul Mukarram mosque in Paltan. Also, there are several temples including Sri Sri Durga Mandir and Motijheel Hindupara Mandir inside the AGB colony.

There are not many notable shopping malls inside the Motijheel area besides Fakirapool Market, but we can find great stores, brand showrooms, and flea markets all around the area. Also within the thana, we can find the Baitul Mukarram Market and Polwel Super Market, which are just one rickshaw ride away from the area.

Overall, Motijheel is not necessarily the perfect place to raise a young family, but it still offers plenty of diversity and proximity to many corporate headquarters. It is an ideal location for young executives working in corporate or finance and enjoying the fast-moving city life in the country’s most famous commercial hub and central business district.

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tick iconMotijheel is Bangladesh’s first administrative zone. It is the heart of Dhaka and has more corporate offices than any other area.
tick iconThis area is home to some of the highest buildings in the country, such as the City Center Bangladesh Building (171 m) and Bangladesh Bank Building (115 m)
tick iconMotijheel is at the heart of the city and is considered the General Post Office and the zero point of Dhaka.
tick iconThe central railway station of Dhaka is within the Motijheel Thana.
tick iconThe residential areas inside Motijheel are limited. Locals can live in the Arambag area, around the AGB colony and T&T colony; both colonies are settlements for government employees).


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Gulistan - Motijheel
Motijheel - Kamalapur
Paltan - Motijheel
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Kamlapur Rail Station
Motijheel Metro Rail Station

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tick iconMotijheel Metro Rail Station is the latest development in this area. It has been in operation since November 5, 2023.

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tick iconMotijheel is full of prominent administrative offices and business institutions, including the tallest skyscraper in Bangladesh, the City Center (37 floors).
tick iconThe entire area of Motijheel is well connected with the rest of the city.
tick iconMotijheel houses some of the country’s most competitive educational Institutions- The Notre Dame University College, Ideal School and Colege, Motijheel T&T School & College etc.
tick iconSome of the legendary restaurants are housed in Motijheel along with modern ones, such as- Shorshe Elish Restaurant, Hirajheel Hotel, Panch Foron Restaurant, Haji Biriyani etc.

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tick iconSevere traffic congestion
tick iconInadequate parking space
tick iconLack of pedestrian-friendly facilities

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