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পাঁচলাইশ, চট্টগ্রাম

Panchlaish Thana is a very prominent area of Chattogram City. The area is mainly used for residential purposes. But some commercial infrastructures can also be seen in this area. Its boundaries are as follows: Khulshi and Bayezid Bostami thanas on the west, Kandgaon Thana on the east, Bayezid Bostami thanas on the north, and Kowali Thanas on the south.

Some important areas in this thana include the Chattagram War Cemetery, Prabartak circle, Golpahar Mor, Muradpur, Sugandha Residential Area, Arkan Road etc.

Chattogram Radisson Blu Hotel, Chawk Bazar, Sholo Shohor Rail Station are also situated just beside Panchlaish. So, this area is one of the most preferred residential areas of Chattogram City.

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tick iconIt is situated just beside the Sholo Shohor Railway Station and the area is also very close to the Karnaphuli River.
tick iconPanchlaish is mainly used for residential purposes.
tick iconPeople from a diverse culture live in this area as it is situated just beside the port.
tick iconThe rapid development is threatening the cleanliness of the area and other biodiversity.
tick iconThe transportation facility of the area is also good. So, office goers can live in this area quite comfortably.

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  • Medical Circle

  • Khankah Sharif

  • Morhum Abdul Latif Lane


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Panchlaish - Chawk Bazar Bus Stop
Panchlaish - 2 No. Gate Bus Stop
Panchlaish - Muradpur Bus Stop
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কাছাকাছি রেলস্টেশন

Sholo Shohor Railway Station
Battali Railway Station

নতুন উন্নয়ন

tick iconJatishangha Park, which is located in the port city's Panchlaish Residential Area, will soon be returned to its former splendor as renovations are ongoing.
tick iconIn order to rejuvenate and improve the park, PWD recently launched a Tk 11.70 crore rehabilitation project. According to officials, construction is currently in full swing and is expected to be finished by June 2024.

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tick iconFrom Panchlaish, you can get to almost anything in Chattogram City. This area has roads that link to every area of Chattogram.
tick iconBecause of its proximity to the Chattogram port, the area is home to a diverse population with a range of interests.
tick iconIn addition to having a low crime rate, we can say that Panchlaish is safe enough for its citizens to lead peaceful lives.
tick iconHospitals, Shopping Malls, Parks and Recreational Places - all are available in Panchlaish Circle.
tick iconThe environment is just how a good residential area should be. There are enough green areas and recreational places for the residents.

কোথায় উন্নয়ন প্রয়োজন?

tick iconEfficient public transportation and effective traffic management.
tick iconMore residential development.
tick iconSometimes, the rickshaws are too reckless and cause accidents on the road.
tick iconMore green areas.
tick iconThe Sewerage system.

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