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রমনা, ঢাকা

Ramana is a place of significant cultural, historical, and architectural importance. Ramana is a place of historical significance located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The Greater Ramna area is surrounded by Azimpur, New Bazar and Dhanmondi in the west, Secretariat Building, Curzon Hall and Chankharpul in the south, Purana Paltan, Segunbagicha and Rajarbagh in the east and Central Road, Paribag and Iskaton in the north. Ramna thana was an important police station among the four police stations of Dhaka city during the British and Pakistan period which still retains its importance equally. It has an area of ​​3.84 square kilometers. Its postal code is 1217.

As the Ramna area is located in the heart of Dhaka city, it has developed into a commercial center and Ramna is easily accessible from any part of Dhaka.

One of the highlights of Ramna Place is Ramna Park also known as Ramna Green. It serves as Dhaka's largest park and a recreational area for residents. Along with entertainment, shopping centers, markets, cultural festivals, etc. There are religious institutions along with some of the best educational institutions. There is an adequate supply of gas, electricity and water.

As it is located next to Dhaka city center and Dhaka University area, it is quite a populated place. Besides, the place becomes lively with the arrival of more people during the holidays. Despite being located in the capital Dhaka, Ramana maintains a relatively green and peaceful environment. The park acts as a green lung for Dhaka that gives residents a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Ramana hosts various cultural programs and festivals throughout the year. The park gets ready to celebrate Pohela Boishakh, Independence Day and other national holidays. Also the buildings here are beautiful and attract people for their blend of colonial-era architecture and modern design. Being an area under Ramna police station, there is a strong security system and non-communalism which is beneficial for all types of people.

Overall, Ramana Dhaka has an important cultural, historical and recreational significance which makes Ramana a cherished part of Dhaka's city landscape.

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tick iconRamana is one of the oldest and most traditional places in Dhaka.
tick iconIt is the center of Dhaka. As the chest of Dhaka is relatively green, it is called the lungs of Dhaka.
tick iconThe environment of Ramana is wonderful and full of beauty. Although the place is within Dhaka, it always maintains its peaceful atmosphere.
tick iconAs Ramna is located in the heart of Dhaka city, it is very easy to reach this place from any part of Dhaka.
tick iconBuses, private cars, motorcycles etc. are available and its distance from Kamalapur railway station is only 13 minutes.


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tick iconThe Ramana area is very important to Dhaka as it is a combination of entertainment and commerce. And being in the heart of Dhaka city, this location is very easy to reach.
tick iconYou can use any public and private transport.
tick iconAlong with schools - colleges etc. there are several heritage places which make Ramana unique to people all over the country.
tick iconRamana is generally inhabited by people of taste. This place is able to offer all the daily needs of people.
tick iconThe environment here cannot be overstated. It is like a different place from Dhaka even within Dhaka. It is called the lungs of Dhaka due to the relatively high amount of greenery in the place.

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tick iconBeing the center of Dhaka, there may be more jams here.
tick iconHouse rent may seem relatively high.
tick iconSince there is a lot of traffic here every day, the security system needs to be strengthened here.
tick iconIn order to properly protect the balance of the environment, it is necessary to constantly have a proper system of waste disposal.

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