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Rampura might not be the area you are looking for to enjoy a meal in a lavish restaurant, but it is certainly one of the areas in Dhaka that offers access to many daily necessities. Just near the Banasree area, Rampura is one of Dhaka's most densely populated areas.

It is also surrounded by Gulshan, Badda, Khilgaon, Motijheel, Tejgaon, and Ramna thana from different sides. But the good thing about it is that you can easily find a variety of stores, pharmacies, and bazaars at a short distance following the Rampura area guide.

The Rampura Thana has an area of 2.8 sq./km (1.1 sq/mi) with a population of around 250,000. It has two wards and 17 mahallas. Currently, it is a part of Dhaka North City Corporation.

It also has a slum known as the Rampura slum, which is partly responsible for the pollution and other issues around the area. The Rampura Canal is connected to Eastern Dhaka to remove industrial waste and rainwater. And since there are many garment factories here, Rampura is also a place where you can often witness labor unrest.

While it is not a very developed area in Dhaka, Rampura certainly offers an affordable lifestyle for middle-class people. There are several bus routes to travel across the city from this area.

It does not have many historical landmarks. However, the area is well-known for having multiple important and well-known places, such as the Bangladesh Television headquarters and offices, Mytv Bangladesh headquarters, Rampura Power House, etc. Moreover, it is a short distance away from Hatirjheel Lake.

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tick iconRampura is a busy and bustling area of Dhaka city.
tick iconIt is one of the most overcrowded parts of Dhaka.
tick iconIt is close to Gulshan, Badda, Banasree, and Hatirjheel Lake.
tick iconCommunication from Rampura to various parts of the country is accessible.
tick iconRampura is one of the busiest areas, with heavy traffic and little greenery.


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Rampura Bridge - Banasree
Rampura Bridge - Bashundhara
Rampura Bazar - Gulistan
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Kamalpur Railway Station
Tejgaon Railway Station

নতুন উন্নয়ন

tick icon(RAD) Expressway Project: Rampura-Amulia-Demra Expressway is due to be completed by 2025.
tick iconMetro Rail MRT Line 1: The MRT Line 1 of the Metro Rail from Dhaka Airport to Kamalapur Railway Station will have a station in Rampura, which is due to open in 2028.

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tick iconOne of the best things about Rampura is that it offers easy accessibility across the city. You can easily travel in and out of the area with rickshaws, buses, cars, etc.
tick iconCompared to most areas, living in Rampur is fairly affordable for middle-class families. Whether you buy an apartment or rent one, you can easily find one that fits your budget.
tick iconThough the area lacks many things, it is gradually turning into one of the lively and potential neighborhoods in Dhaka with many restaurants, shopping centers, and recreational areas.
tick iconIt offers an affordable lifestyle and offers many bazaars and a marketplace to get daily necessities.

কোথায় উন্নয়ন প্রয়োজন?

tick iconThe slum areas are not very clean
tick iconHeavy traffic
tick iconBetter housing and road plan
tick iconClashes and fights break out in the streets
tick iconThe area suffers from fire hazards
tick iconWater pollution

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