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Most Dhaka-dwellers seek an adobe where they can forge their nest for living, and the surroundings are packed with urban amenities with viable transportation systems. Shyamoli has attracted middle-class families of Dhaka city for its neighborhood and concoction of residential and commercial value.

In this Shyamoli Area Guide, we will delve deep and get a grand tour of this historic area of Dhaka. Shyamoli received its alluring name from the iconic Shyamoli Cinema. Even though the hall has ceased to exist, the area's name still subsists.

You will find Shyamoli in the northwest part of Agargaon. It is closely attached to Kallyanpur and Adabor. The landmark establishment here is Shaymoli Square, which was built at the location of the old cinema hall. This is the largest shopping mall in the area and caters to all shopping needs of the residents and visitors.

Shyamoli has been a name of comfort and affordability for middle-class people. Since many governments, NGOs, and IT firms have set their base at and near Shyamoli, many office workers have nestled their homes at Shyamoli for easy access and transportation.

In addition to residential and commercial spaces, Shyamoli has been blooming as a food heaven for foodie people. Due to the close attachment with Mohammadpur, residents here can easily enjoy the world-famous “Mostakim er Chaap” and “Selim Kabab.”

As the Cardiovascular institution, kidney disease institute, traumatology institute, and Suhrawardy Medical College and Hospital are closely attached to the area, Shyamoli is often busy and crowded with patients and visitors. Even so, it is one of the peaceful areas for residential purposes as it is replete with schools, colleges, parks, and malls.

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tick iconShyamoli is an eminent area of Dhaka South, filled with residential and commercial establishments.
tick iconShyamoli is a social and amiable place with a good neighborhood.
tick iconThe culture of this area is shifting due to the emergence of restaurants, parks, and other entertainment sources.
tick iconShyamoli is a connecting junction of many important areas of Dhaka.
tick iconShyamoli Park, Humayun Road playground, and Shyamoli Club playground provide a break from this chaotic city.


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Shyamoli- Adabor
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tick iconShyamoli connects Adabor, Agargaon, and Mohammodpur, some of Dhaka South's prominent areas.
tick iconPublic transport is accessible and available to almost all the routes of Dhaka.
tick iconShyamoli is an old city with old fragments from the past.
tick iconThe middle-class lifestyle is evident here, including congenial neighborhood relations.
tick iconEven though the area is filled with high-rise buildings and commercial spaces, the parks and playgrounds are a big matter of pleasure for city dwellers.

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tick iconStreet vendors often clog the lanes and roads.
tick iconDisruption emerging from the hospital areas often disturbs the residents.
tick iconSome houses and apartments are not equipped with modern safety facilities and are susceptible to theft and robbery.
tick iconThe air pollution is extra hard here due to excessive cars and buses. The sound pollution is also a matter of concern during peak hours.

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