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টঙ্গী, ঢাকা

Tongi Industrial Area, a township in Gazipur, Bangladesh, is near Savar and marks Dhaka's northern border since 1786. It features a BSCIC industrial area, which produces around BDT 1500 crore of industrial products annually, and most of the factory is located in the Tongi area. It is one of the biggest Industrial areas in Northern Bangladesh.

Tongi is located on the outskirts of Dhaka, which is home to around 490,195 people, making it a lively and densely populated neighbourhood with about 21,500 residents per square kilometre. With its postal code being 1710, Tongi reflects a slow-paced urban life near Dhaka.

Tongi is bustling with businesses and factories. Despite the crowd and establishments, there are plenty of open spaces and fresh air, as Tongi is very near to the Turag River and there are plenty of green parks. People who want to escape the chaos of Dhaka might find some peace at the eco-parks and resorts around Tongi.

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tick iconWith its numerous factories and industrial zones, Tongi is known as Bangladesh's ‘Industrial Capital.
tick iconThis township is home to the annual ‘Bishwa Ijtema’ gathering, one of the largest religious congregations in the world.
tick iconTongi is famous for having the largest railway workshop in Bangladesh.
tick iconFrom Tongi Bazar to Dewan Market, the vibrant local markets of Tongi showcase a variety of goods, including clothing, jewellery, and handicrafts.
tick iconTongi is one of the biggest hub points of transportation. Tongi serves as a gateway to various tourist destinations in Bangladesh.


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Tongi ⇄ Abdullahpur
Airport ⇄ Tongi Bridge
Tongi Bridge ⇄ Gazipur Chowrasta
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Tongi Junction Railway Station

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tick iconThe Dhaka Metro Rail route is going to be extended to Tongi. It will start from Diabari, Uttara.

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tick iconThe township of Tongi provides job opportunities to many people with the boom of industries. Tongi’s contribution to the country’s economy is pretty significant, from the biggest manufacturers to small and cottage industries.
tick iconTongi has attracted multiple developer projects within a very short time. Many small and modern residential areas have emerged in and around Tongi within the last decade, creating amazing opportunities in the housing industry.
tick iconTongi is famous for the Bishwa Ijtema Field beside the Turag River. Muslims from 150 countries around the world gather here for three days during winter. It is also considered the cheapest alternative to Hajj for the underprivileged Muslimah. This aspect
tick iconA large portion of produce from mid-eastern Bangladesh passes through Tongi. So it is easy to find fresh and local fruits and vegetables in Tongi at a cheaper rate.
tick iconTongi connects the Dhaka-Mymensingh highway with Uttara and also connects the route to Gazipur with Dhaka. This is the connection gateway that gives access to thousands of people commuting from Dhaka to different.

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tick iconTraffic Maintenance
tick iconGas supply
tick iconWater quality
tick iconCrime rate is pretty high in Tongi
tick iconIndustrial waste management

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