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Nobogram Road, Barishal

If you step across the M.A. Jalil Road and Bhanga-Barishal Highway, you will easily end up on Nobogram Road. The road is a part of Barisal Sadar and the Kotwali Thana area. It is also a part of Barishal City Corporation’s wards no. 21 (north) and 22 (east and west).

The Nobogram Road starts from the Bhanga-Barishal Highway and goes all the way to Panchagram and Atghar. That makes the Nobogram area guide necessary for anyone moving to the city for different purposes. Using the highway and other roads, there are several bus routes, such as Barishal City, Karapur, Gava, Barishal Zero Point, etc.

However, inside the areas, the most common way to commute is rickshaws, CNGs, autorickshaws, vans, motorbikes, etc. That is because the streets are mostly narrow and not suitable for big vehicles. While most of these roads are in good condition, the area needs wider and upgraded streets and roads for safe and broad communication.

Both sides of the Nobogram road areas are filled with green trees, rivers, farmlands, etc. As a result, it offers a less polluted and serene environment. The roads also have lots of small shops and several bazaars on either side. So the people near the roads and Nobogram can easily get their daily necessities.

There are several notable places in the Nobogram Road area as well, such as Gol Pukur, Chowmatha Lake, Ruiya Post Office, Ruiya Jame Mosjid, Nobogram Bridge, Nobogram Road Karapur Steel Bridge, etc. Some of the important educational institutions here are the Trust University, Nobogram Model High School and College, Riazuddin Memorial R.M. Govt. Primary School, Noygaon High School, etc.

Nobogram Road areas offer a rural vibe. That is why it is hard to spot modern or upgraded housing complexes in the area. Most of them are filled with self-owned properties and various types of small and big houses. However, there are plenty of lands available to purchase at a very reasonable price.

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City Insights

tick iconThe Nobogram Road is a part of ward no. 21 and 22 of Barishal City Corporation and under the Kotwali Thana.
tick iconThe road goes through the rural part of the area near the Bhanga-Barishal Highway.
tick iconFrom the highway point of the Nobogram Road, it is easy to travel more broadly across the city and the district.
tick iconThe Nobogram Road area is filled with small businesses, shops, haat bazaars, and farmlands.
tick iconWith lots of greeneries around the location, it offers a beautiful landscape and a breath of fresh air.

Known Landmarks

  • Gol Pukur

  • Chowmatha Lake

  • Trust University

  • Ruiya Jame Mosjid

  • Karapur Popular Secondary School

  • Nobogram Model High School and College


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Bus Routes

Nobogram Road - Barishal City
Nobogram Road - Karapur
Nobogram Road - Swarupkathi Road
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New Developments

tick iconThere are no new projects in the Nobogram Road area at the moment.

What’s great here?

tick iconThe Bhanga-Barishal Highway has several bus and vehicle stations that offer a broader communication facility across the district and other districts as well.
tick iconInside the area, there is access to smaller vehicles for communication.
tick iconThe area has self-own properties and some of them are available for rent at a reasonable price.
tick iconThe Nobogram Road is filled with shops and bazaars to purchase daily necessities.
tick iconUnexpected occurrences are comparatively low in the area.
tick iconSince the lands and roads are filled with greeneris, the area is mostly pollution free and suitable to live in.

What needs attention?

tick iconBroader roads are necessary for better communication facilities for the locals.
tick iconThe area lacks upgraded housing and living facilities.
tick iconIt doesn’t have a modern shopping mall, recreational places, restaurants, and many necessary amenities.
tick iconThe area is prone to flood, and the underdeveloped roads can become slippery during the rainy season.

Neighbourhood Rating


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Connectivity & Commute3.5 out of 5
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Lifestyle & Facilities3 out of 5
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Safety & Security4 out of 5
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Environment4.5 out of 5

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