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Rupatali, Barishal

Located only around 4 kilometers from the central Barishal of the Barishal District and right near the Kirtonkhola River is the Rupatali area. If you check the Rupatali area guide, you will notice that it is part of (partially) 4 different wards, 11, 12, 24, and 25, of Barishal City Corporation. It also happens to be one of the most important areas because it has many important locations, places, and sites.

Let’s start with the Rupatali Housing State, which is a well-planned residential area. This part of the area has gone through a significant transformation over the last few years.

One of its well-known sights is the Rupatali Housing State Jame Masjid, Rupatoli Shahid Abdur Rab Serniyabad Govt. Secondary School and the playground near it. The school complex has a gigantic 7-storeyed building with a massive playground where various cultural programs and functions are held throughout the year.

Though the local roads are suitable for commutes like rickshaws, CNGs, bikes, and small vans, the big roads and highways offer mass transportation. There are several bus terminals on the Barishal-Pirojpur Highway. Other than traveling inside the district, the buses here connect the locality directly to a few districts and locations, such as Dhaka, Pirojpur, Jhalokathi, Kuakata, etc.

Since it is one of the important locations in Barishal, buying properties in Rupatali, especially in and around the residential area, is quite expensive. However, finding affordable homes for rent is very convenient. Moreover, there are many shops, bazaars, and several supershops in the area, making daily necessities more accessible.

Rupatali also has some notable or popular locations and landmarks, such as Rupatali Gol Chattor, Inspection Bungalow, Shahid Abdur Rab Serniabat Stadium, and the Memorial of 1971 Torture & Genocide. One can also enjoy the view of the Kirtonkhola River while strolling along the walkway or ghat area of the river.

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City Insights

tick iconRupatali is located under the Barishal City Corporation and is situated near the Kirtonkhola River.
tick iconThe Rupatali Bus Terminal offers access to a wide range of transportation facilities and connects the area with several other districts.
tick iconThe area is still going through various developments and has many significant landmarks.
tick iconMost parts of the area are naturally beautiful and filled with green trees and fields.
tick iconThe area attracts people who want to buy property in suburban areas for settling and offers various ranges of properties.

Known Landmarks

  • Kirtankhola Riverside Walkway & Ghat

  • Rupatali Gol Chottor/Rupatali Circle

  • Inspection Bungalow

  • Shahid Abdur Rab Serniabat Stadium

  • Summit Barishal Power Limited

  • Rupatali Housing State Jame Masjid

  • Baitul Hamdhe Sundar Khan Masjid


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Bus Routes

Rupatali - Bhanga-Barisal Highway
Rupatali - Nathullabad
Rupatali - University of Barishal
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New Developments

tick iconNew housing projects are currently under development in Rupatali Housing State and nearby locations.

What’s great here?

tick iconThe Rupatali Bus Terminal offers transportation that connects Rupatal and Barishal directly to other districts.
tick iconThe residential part of the area offers modern housing and accommodation.
tick iconRupatali is filled with various shops, supermarkets, pharmacies, market areas, restaurants, etc., to offer access to necessary amenities.
tick iconLiving in Rupatali is safe and secure due to a low crime rate.
tick iconMany parts of the area are filled with trees and have green fields, which keep the environment healthy.
tick iconPeople can enjoy the view of part of the Kirtonkhola River from various parts of Rupatali.

What needs attention?

tick iconThere is no railway communication system from other districts to Barishal.
tick iconSeveral parts of the area, including the housing state, have damaged or underdeveloped houses and places that ruin the appeal of the area.
tick iconThe lowland parts of the area are often prone to flooding during heavy monsoon seasons.
tick iconThe highways and roads in Rupatali are often prone to accidents.
tick iconThe locations of power and gas development areas and textile industries pose hazardous threats not only to nature but also to the people living nearby

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Connectivity & Commute4 out of 5
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Lifestyle & Facilities4 out of 5
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Safety & Security3.5 out of 5
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Environment4 out of 5

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