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বাটিঘাটা, খুলনা

In 1860, there was a camp in Khulna district, which turned into a police station in 1892. Thus, it formed the Batiaghata thana. Later, in 1983, the Batighata Upazila was established. It is located around 13 kilometers from Khulna City and has a land area of 235.32 square kilometers.

Now it has 7 unions/wards, 13 mouza/mahallas, and 158 villages. With around 40,779 families, the population of the upazila is 1,71,752. That is why it is important to be familiar with the Batighata area guide.

Batighata Upazila is surrounded by Khulna Sadar and Ruphsa Upazila in the north, Paikgacha and Dakop Upazila in the south, Fakirhat and Rampal Upazila in the east, Dumuria Upazila in the west. The upazila has several rivers, such as Rupsha, Kazibacha, Bhadra, etc.

Being a land with several rivers, Batighata offers a great potential for fish farming. The main economy of the area depends on fish farming, paddy, jute, wheat, cotton, poultries, dairies, etc.

Batighata is an upazila near the Sadar area, offering a suburban lifestyle and access to modern amenities. However, a large part of the upazila is still underdeveloped. Yet, several major roads, such as Khulna City Bypass, Khulna-Satkhira Highway, Dhaka-Jessore-Khulna Road, etc., offer major transportation facilities. The nearest railway station is the Khulna Railway Station.

Nevertheless, Batighata has many reputed educational institutions, including Khulna University and Govt. Batighata Degree College. It also has multiple health complexes. As for recreational areas and tourist sites, the area has some popular ones, such as Batiaghata Riverview, Gollamari Memorial Monument, Linear Park, Sheikh Russell Eco Park, Rana Resort & Amusement Park, etc.

Overall, the Batighata Upazila offers not just a diverse environment but also living facilities. However, it is not the most suitable place if you are looking for a modern living facility.

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tick iconThe Batighata thana was founded in 1892, and the Upazila was established in 1983.
tick iconIt is located about 13 kilometers from Khulna City and near the Rupsha Bridge.
tick iconThe economy of the area depends largely on farming, fishery, poultry, etc., and a small part of it relies on other businesses.
tick iconBatighata is a rural area and is filled with various historical landmarks and modern recreational places.
tick iconIt has green lands and fields miles after mile, and several major rivers flow through it.

পরিচিত ল্যান্ডমার্ক সমূহ

  • Batiaghata Bridge

  • Batiaghata Riverview

  • Khulna University

  • City Resort

  • Gollamari Memorial Monument

  • Rupsha Railway Bridge

  • Linear Park


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Batighata - Gollamari
Batighata - Sholadana
Batighata - Dacope
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Khulna Railway Station

নতুন উন্নয়ন

tick iconSeveral projects have been undertaken to improve Batighata Upazila roads, housing, educational institutions, and more.

এখানে কি ভালো?

tick iconThe area has several major roads that offer transportation facilities, benefiting various businesses and industries in the area.
tick iconHouse rent in Batighata is very affordable, and the land price is also comparatively low.
tick iconThere are several Riverview points, parks, and landmarks to visit for recreation.
tick iconBatighata is mostly a safe area to live in.
tick iconBecause the area isn’t fully urbanized, it offers a safe and healthy natural environment.

কোথায় উন্নয়ন প্রয়োজন?

tick iconThe number of paved roads is much lower than dirt roads, which affects communication.
tick iconThe upazila needs more advanced shops, marketplaces, shopping complexes, etc.
tick iconThe living conditions of people in the upazila are mostly rural and underdeveloped.
tick iconMore safety measures should be taken for the locals.
tick iconRapid urbanization is having an effect on the water body and nature of Batighata upazila.

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