dakbangla jame masjid
shahid hadis park.
shonkho cinema hall
adamya bangla monument.

ডাকবাংলা, খুলনা

Dakbangla is one of the prominent CBDs (Central Business District) of Khulna, where many businesses and commercial spaces are based. The intersection near Dakbangla is one of the bustling and crowded places during peak hours. In the Dakbangla area guide, immerse yourself in the teeming area of Khulna and peek at the best parts.

Within the Khulna City Corporation, CBD areas have flourished, keeping Dakbangla Mor and adjacent areas in the center. Feri Ghat Mor, Thanar Mor, and Picture Palace Mor are the main CBD areas surrounding the Dakbangla area. As a central business hub, the Dakbangla area is a prominent area of Khulna.

Dakbangla (literal translation is Postal Bungalow) refers to a prominent historical structure that acted as a rest house during the colonial period. This Dakbangla building in Khulna is significant both architecturally and historically. Over time, it has become a municipal landmark, drawing people interested in its history.

Dakbangla's lively junction, where several routes meet, lies in the city's heart. This neighborhood is constantly bustling, with stores, street sellers, and people going about their everyday lives. It's a hub for navigating Khulna and visiting local sights. A study shows that 27.69% of daily traffic traverses across this intersection.

The Dakbangla Bazaar is a famous market that offers a wide range of commodities, including fresh vegetables and foodstuffs, apparel, home items, and local handicrafts. This is where the bustling city lives and local cultures and customs unfold before the eyes.

Dakbangla Jame Mosque is one of the area's most noteworthy monuments. This historical mosque is renowned for its architectural beauty and religious importance. Visitors enjoy its complex design while learning about its history. If you want to experience the medley of people and lives in Khulna, Dakbangla is a treasure trove you can explore.

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সিটি ইনসাইট

tick iconDakbangla is a business hub for the Khulna people, adjacent to the Rupsa River.
tick iconMany shopping complexes and markets create a unique bond among the people. Dakbangla is a popular rendezvous point for many residents.
tick iconThe crowded area is not very environmentally sound. Noise, air pollution, and constant traffic constantly impact the environment.
tick iconAs a connecting point, Dakbangla is often jam-packed with vehicles and people. Medley of people gather here to reach their destinations.
tick iconThe trade-based economy is blooming every day. More and more people are joining to try new ventures in this area.

পরিচিত ল্যান্ডমার্ক সমূহ

  • Dakbangla Jame Masjid

  • Jalil Tower Shopping Complex.

  • Golok Moni Shishu Park

  • Shahid Hadis Park.

  • Shonkho Cinema Hall

  • Adamya Bangla Monument.

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tick iconA brand new housing project that can accommodate 50+ families is underway.

এখানে কি ভালো?

tick iconDakbangla Mor is the connecting hub of Khulna District.
tick iconBuses, autos, and rickshaws are ubiquitous near Dakbangla Mor.
tick iconThis business hub is replete with facilities and commodities.
tick iconThe shopping complexes and markets have their own security system that ensures safety and security.
tick iconThe parks and Dighi nearby add a volume to the urban jungle.

কোথায় উন্নয়ন প্রয়োজন?

tick iconTraffic jams are a huge drawback of this area.
tick iconThis area doesn’t cater to the needs of lower-income people as it is pretty expensive to live and trade here.
tick iconIncompetent management of traffic often causes accidents.
tick iconThe area is primarily urban, with pockets of greenery here and there.

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