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On the outskirts of the Bhairab and Rupsha rivers is located the Khalishpur thana. It is one of the Metropolitan thanas under the Khulna City Corporation (KCC) of the Khulna Division. The geographical area of Khalishpur is 12.35 sq./km.

And here is more of the Khalishpur area guide. According to data from the Khulna Metropolitan Police, there are more than 235,000 people living in the area.

Since it is located in the central Khulna district, Khalishpur is an area of growing community, business, and amenities. The Dhaka-Jessore-Khulna Road goes through the middle of the city and offers major transportation facilities. It connects the area to other major locations, such as Daultour, Khulna Cantonment, Boyra, Natun Rastar Mor, etc.

However, despite the facilities it offers, the Sheikh Abu Naser Bypass Road, which was to be another major road in the city, has been abandoned for around 13 years. This has been causing some issues with the residents around the area to move around comfortably. On top of that, the poor condition of the road often causes minor to major accidents.

The Khalishpur area has around 30 mosques, 2 temples, and 1 church. The main sources of income in the area are business, transport and construction, rents, remittance, etc.

While there aren’t many residential areas in the area, the Khalishpur Housing State is one of the well-planned residential areas in this country. Along with the vibrant and changing living conditions, Khalishpur offers modern amenities, such as the Liberty Cineplex, Wonderland Amusement Park, Sheikh Abu Naser Stadium, Rupsha Power Plant, etc.

Other significant locations include Newsprint Paper Mill, Khulna Junction, Khulna Railway Station, Khalishpur High School, Khulna Public College, Khalishpur Eidgah Field, etc. A location of natural beauty, Khalishpur is slowly transforming into one of the urbanized locations in Khulna.

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tick iconKhalishpur is located near the Bhairab and Rupsha rivers.
tick iconBuses and CNGs are the most commonly used transportation systems for traveling outside the localities.
tick iconThe Dhaka-Jessore-Khulna Road is the main route connecting the area to other districts and divisions.
tick iconThe area mostly consists of self-own properties and doesn’t have many housing states.
tick iconKhaishpur gives anyone a taste of rural Bangladesh with a versatile community.

পরিচিত ল্যান্ডমার্ক সমূহ

  • Wonderland Amusement Park

  • Sheikh Abu Naser Stadium

  • Bhairab and Rupsha Rivers

  • Rupsha Power Plant

  • Khulna Junction

  • Navy Ghat

  • Khulna Wasa Headquarter


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Khalishpur - Daulatpur
Khalishpur - Maniktola
Khalishpur - Cantonment
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Khulna Railway Station
Daulatpur Railway Station

নতুন উন্নয়ন

tick iconThe government has initiated projects to widen roads in Khalishpur and nearby areas.
tick iconRupsha 800-Megawatt Combined Cycle Power Plant Project is expected to improve energy security in Bangladesh.

এখানে কি ভালো?

tick iconLocals can commute easily inside the city using local transport.
tick iconThe Dhaka-Jessore-Khulna Road offers major transportation facilities and connects Khalishpur to different parts of the divisions.
tick iconNew housing is being built to offer an improved and modern lifestyle.
tick iconThere are multiple residential areas for less chaotic living facilities.
tick iconThe area consists of a cineplex, a major cricket stadium, an amusement park, etc.
tick iconThe residential parts of the area are mostly safe, and the area has a low crime rate.
tick iconMostly rural areas, the localities of Khalishpur are healthy and good for all.

কোথায় উন্নয়ন প্রয়োজন?

tick iconThe abandoned Sheikh Abu Naser Bypass Road is causing difficulty for residents in traveling in and out of the city.
tick iconThe non-residential areas are very chaotic and have a busy lifestyle.
tick iconDue to poor construction of commonly used roads, residents often run into accidents.
tick iconThere are many underdeveloped parts of the area, and the industrial locations cause environmental pollution.

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