bhutia padma beel
ikhri katenga fazlul haque secondary school
north khulna degree college
promodnagar sarbajanin kalivita harimondir

তেরোখাদা, খুলনা

Several Upazilas of the Khulna District are located across the Rupsha River, and one such upazila is Terokhada. It is about 24 kilometers away from Khulna City and has a land area of about 186.54 square kilometers. As for population, according to the official website of the Upazila, there are over 26 thousand families living in the area, and the population is about 1,18,854. So anyone who plans to get to know this upazila will find this Terokhada area guide helpful.

There are no direct bus routes, roads, or bridges to Terokhada from the Khulna Sadar area. From the Sadar area, travelers must first go through Upper Jessore Road and pass the K.D. Ghosh Road to reach the Jailkaha Ferry Ghat. From there, they can cross the river to reach Senerbazar Ferry Ghat. Several means of travel, such as buses, trucks, vans, tempos, or laguna, will take you directly to the Upazila Sadar area.

While there might not be a bridge connecting the Upazila to the city, there are more than 450 bridges and culverts inside the Upazila to improve communication. However, the number of underdeveloped roads is still a matter of concern. The roads also need to be wider for better access to transport.

Terokhada has two major rivers: Atharobaki and Katakhali. The main economic source of people here is farming and cultivation, and a large part of Terokhada is covered by farmland. The main crops here are paddy, sugarcane, coconuts, etc. Other economic sources include shrimp framing, non-agricultural labor, business, industry, fisheries, transport, poultries and dairies, and cottage industries.

The environment in Terokhada is green, filled with trees, rivers, and rural beauty. While there isn’t big and modern housing, it certainly offers fresh air, as heavy industrial activities still haven’t polluted it. Moreover, the area has access to basic and average educational, religious, and financial institutions, along with many hats, bazaars, and marketplaces.

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tick iconThe Terokhada Thana was established in 1918 and turned into an Upazila of Khulna District in 1983.
tick iconIt is located on the other side of the Khulna Sadar area, across the Rupsha River.
tick iconThe most convenient way to travel to Terokhada from the Khulna City area is by crossing the river by ferry and then traveling to the Upazila via buses and other other local transport.
tick iconAgriculture, non-agricultural labor, shrimp farming, coconuts, sugarcane, poultry, dairies, and cottage industries are among Terokhada's major economic sources.
tick iconIt is a remote area with partially developed roads and housing, yet a big part of it still requires a more developed lifestyle and facilities.

পরিচিত ল্যান্ডমার্ক সমূহ

  • Bhutia Padma Beel

  • Ikhri Katenga Fazlul Haque Secondary School

  • North Khulna Degree College

  • Promodnagar Sarbajanin Kalivita Harimondir

  • Terokhada Health Complex


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Terokhada - Shener Bazar Ghat
Terokhada - Abduler
Terokhada - Egaro Amtala
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Khulna Railway Station
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tick iconSeveral roads, educational institutions, and area boundary development projects have been undertaken recently.

এখানে কি ভালো?

tick iconThe Jailkhana Ferry Ghat and Senerbazar Ferry Ghat offer a connection between Khulna Sadar and Terokhada Upazila.
tick iconInside the area, locals can travel via buses and other transport.
tick iconAgriculture and business are among the major economic sources of the people.
tick iconThe area has many shops and bazaars for buying daily necessities.
tick iconThe crime rate in Terokhada is comparatively low.
tick iconIt is a naturally beautiful land with greenery and beautiful rivers.

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tick iconThe number of mud roads is higher than concrete and asphalt roads, which are not very wide.
tick iconThere are no roads or bridges connecting the Upazila to the Sadar area.
tick iconTraveling outside the upazila area can become hectic due to broader communication facilities.
tick iconThe area lacks modern shopping facilities and recreational zones.
tick iconThere have been occasional vehicle and boat accidents.
tick iconNone

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