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If you stand still on a random street in Khulna Sadar and listen to the conversations going around you, you will notice the name Zero Point coming up very often. Zero Point is an integral part of Khulna. If you are thinking about going on a trip to Khulna, this Zero Point area guide will help you navigate and traverse through the area.

Khulna Zero Point is situated at Batiaghata Upazila. The intersection is located near the police station Horintana Thana and the Khulna Weather Office. This is the threshold of Khulna Sadar, which interconnects the Khulna City Bypass National Highway, Rupsa Bridge approach road, and Khulna-Chuknagar-Satkhira Regional Highway.

You may be wondering why Zero Point is such the talk of the town. Zero Point is basically an intersection that works as a transportation hub. Several major highways intersect here, providing convenient access to various regions of the city and beyond. Many public transit choices are available, including buses, minibusses, and cycle rickshaws.

Many businesses and commercial institutions have flourished surrounding the Zero Point intersection. The area is well-known for its thriving business scene, with several stores, markets, and businesses catering to the needs of both locals and visitors.

This area is mostly bustled with students of Khulna University, which is adjacent to the premise of Zero Point. From hangout to daily shopping, people of Khulna and students of the university always opt for Zero point, making it a bustling hub day and night.

This intersection has a direct link to the Mongla port, which is 45 Km away from Zero Point. So, large business transportation traverses through this region to reach all over Bangladesh. So, this is certainly a critical junction for a thriving economy.

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tick iconZero Point is an intersection located at the Khulna-Satkhira highway. This is a gateway to enter Khulna Sadar.
tick iconThe youths of Khulna University keep the place trendy and bustling.
tick iconThe economy is mostly trade-based. Numerous shops, markets, food stalls, restaurants, and commercial institutions generate revenue.
tick iconZero point is a connecting point that lets you enter Khulna city. If you are travelling from Dhaka via bus, this is where the bus will park.
tick iconThe area is mostly concrete and urbanized, except for a few pockets of greenery here and there.

পরিচিত ল্যান্ডমার্ক সমূহ

  • Khulna University

  • Gollamari Memorial Monument

  • Cloud Nine Food court

  • Linear Park

  • Moyuri Lake View Park


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Zero Point - Khulna University
Zero Point - Sonadanga
Zero Point - Mohammadnagar Crossroad
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Khulna Railway Station

নতুন উন্নয়ন

tick iconZero Point has recently received a makeover. A pedestrian footpath was built, and the draining system was improved. In the second phase of the development, a water fountain will make the area more attractive.

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tick iconYou will find buses, rickshaws, and minibusses from the Zero Point intersection.
tick iconThe area connects to the prime crossroads of Khulna District.
tick iconThe lifestyle is more modern and advanced than in other areas.
tick iconYou will find many accommodations and facilities available here.
tick iconThe newly refurbished roads have taken safety to another level.
tick iconThe parks and greenery from the adjacent locations aid the Zero Point area.

কোথায় উন্নয়ন প্রয়োজন?

tick iconThe haphazard parking of vehicles creates traffic jams during peak hours.
tick iconSome shops and restaurants sell counterfeit and low-grade items at a higher rate to newcomers.
tick iconSome shops and institutions are left vulnerable during nighttime without a good number of night guards.
tick iconDue to the geographical location, the low rate of rainfall has impacted the weather and lifestyle of the Zero Point area.

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