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Chaukbazar, Dhaka

If you talk about one of the oldest and bustling marketplaces or areas in old Dhaka, you have to mention the Chaukbazar area. And if you want to know the Chaukbazar area guide well, you should also be familiar with its history and significance.

Also spelled “Chawkbazar,” this area was established in the 17th century CE during the Mughal period. It was first named Badshahi Bazar by Murshid Quli Khan after its establishment. But later, the area was called Chaukbazar.

The Chaukbazar thana, formed in 2009, is now a part of Dhaka South City Corporation. It is surrounded by Bangshal Thana and Laalbag Thana and has an area of 2.07 sq./km. According to the 2011 census, the area's population is about 1,60,112.

From the beginning, the area was known for its marketplace, with hundreds of shops, stalls, vendors, and more. Even after 400 years, this place is still one of the popular market areas.

The Caukbazar Shahi Jame Masjid is one of its most significant landmarks. It also has the shrine of the area’s founder, Murshid Quli Khan.

Every year during Ramadan, the streets of Chaukbazar get crowded because of its Iftar Bazaar. It is Dhaka’s oldest and most popular iftar bazaar, and people from inside and outside the city come here to buy iftar during the holy month.

Another reason Chaukbazar is known to many people is because of the old Central Jail of Bangladesh. It has recently been turned into a jail museum after the jail has been relocated.

With its narrow streets and busy lifestyle, Chaukbazar is one of the most crowded parts of Dhaka. Nevertheless, the area also offers communication access to many parts of Dhaka and has schools, colleges, and medical and financial institutions. However, many parts of the area are yet to be developed.

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City Insights

tick iconChaukbazar is one of the oldest areas in Dhaka's Old Town, and it was founded in the Mughal period.
tick iconIt is located near Laalbag Thana and Bokshibazar Thana.
tick iconIt is known for its busy marketplace and business areas for spice, food, clothing, etc.
tick iconThe streets in the area are narrow, and it is easy to travel across the city from the area.
tick iconChaukbazar is known for its Iftar Bazar, which takes place during Ramadan.

Known Landmarks

  • Caukbazar Shahi Jame Masjid

  • Dhaka Central Jail Museum

  • Old Dhaka Central Jail

  • Chaukbazar Iftar Bazaar

  • Mangal Shikdar Ghat


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Bus Routes

Chaukbazar - Bangabazar
Chaukbazar - Babubazar
Chaukbazar - Gabtoli
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New Developments

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What’s great here?

tick iconIt is easy to travel in and out of Dhaka from Chukbazar using public transportation.
tick iconThere are many bus routes right outside Chaukbazar.
tick iconInside the area, you can travel by rickshaw, CNG, and other transports.
tick iconLiving in Chaukbazar is quite affordable due to affordable housing.
tick iconIt is a suitable area for easy access to the marketplace and buying things at an affordable price.
tick iconWhile not entirely developed, Chaukbazar offers daily necessities all around the area.

What needs attention?

tick iconThere are no direct bus routes inside the areas.
tick iconWell-planned housing should be added, and existing ones need to be improved.
tick iconOver the years, numerous fire incidents have killed many people.
tick iconIt’s a busy and noisy area with many street vendors.

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