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Shewrapara, Dhaka

If you don’t mind moving to a noisy, crowded, and chaotic area, Shewrapara can be an ideal option. Because despite some disadvantages, this area of Dhaka City is one of the busiest areas with many living facilities. Explore the Shewrapara area guide to learn more!

Shewrapara is a part of Mirpur Thana (Zone 4) and a developing area under Dhaka South City Corporation. It is one of the most populous areas in Dhaka, with many residents, commercial and business areas, schools, colleges, universities, clubs, communities, etc.

The area of Shewrapara is divided into two parts: East Shewrapara and West Shewrapara. With many shops, bazaars, and other places, West Shewrapara is bigger and the busiest part of the area. The East Shewrapara also stays awake until late at night but offers a closer connection to a wider community.

There are several well-known educational institutions in Shewrapara, such as Monipur High School & College, Hazi Ashraf Ali High School, Green University, etc. There are other local kindergartens, primary and high schools as well.

Shewrapara is still one of the areas in Dhaka with many affordable houses and apartments to rent. However, over time, commercial and residential projects have grown across the area. Also, many people prefer Shewrapara for its convenient communication facilities despite the chaos.

Due to the adjacent roads, commuting to Shewrapara is widely accessible. You can travel to and from the area using rickshaws, CNGs, buses, etc. On top of that, the Metro Rail Station in Shewrapara has increased the popularity and accessibility of communication in the area even further.

There are drawbacks as well. Residents in Shewrapara often face issues like a shortage of dirty water or gas. Roads are often blocked by RMG workers, which causes traffic jams. Despite everything, many people now prefer this area to move permanently and invest in buying properties.

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City Insights

tick iconShewrapara is an area under Mirpur Thana and is located near Kazipara, Pirerbag, Taltola, Ibrahimpur, etc.
tick iconIt is one of the busiest areas in Dhaka, with many educational, commercial, and financial institutions.
tick iconPeople of different economic backgrounds live in this area in rental places or purchase land to settle down.
tick iconDue to adjacent roads and routes, people can travel around the area using any transportation system.
tick iconOne of the Metro Rail Stations is in Shewrapara, making communication more convenient.

Known Landmarks

  • Metro Rail Station

  • DSS Convention Center

  • Monipur High School & College

  • Hazi Ashraf Ali High School

  • Shewrapara Central Jame Mosjid

  • Green University of Bangladesh


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Bus Routes

Shewrapara - Mirpur 10
Shewrapara - Kazipara
Shewrapara - Agargaon
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Nearest Train Stations

Shewrapara Metro Rail Station
Agargaon Metro Rail Station
Kazipara Metro Rail Station

New Developments

tick iconMany housing and commercial buildings are now under construction in Shewrapara.

What’s great here?

tick iconIt is easy to travel in Shewrapara using different modes of transportation.
tick iconAnyone can now travel to Shewrapara in a short time using the Metro Rail route.
tick iconShewrapara has many educational institutions, along with some renowned ones.
tick iconLiving in the area is affordable as the cost of renting apartments is still quite affordable.
tick iconRecords of theft, mugging, or any such unexpected occurrences are comparatively low in this area.
tick iconIt is a decent area to live in with access to basic needs.

What needs attention?

tick iconThe area lacks access to modern amenities, such as better shopping malls, restaurants, and recreational areas for kids.
tick iconThe Shewrapara roads are prone to accidents and deaths because of that.
tick iconDwellers suffer from water clogging due to poor drainage systems and during the rainy seasons.
tick iconDirty water supply is often a crucial problem residents go through.

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Safety & Security3.5 out of 5
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Environment3 out of 5

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