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Baridhara, Dhaka

Between Bashundhara and Gulshan Lake lies Baridhara, one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Dhaka. For the purpose of the Baridhara area guide, let’s start by saying that it is a part of the Dhaka North City Corporation and falls under the Gulshan thana, Ward 18.

It is right across Gulshan-Baridhara Lake, and one can easily travel to the Jamuna Future Park from the area. And though the current population of the area is unknown, it is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Dhaka, attracting only a handful of people.

However, the area of Baridhara has been divided into two zones: the diplomatic zone at the west and the residential area at the east, which also has a DOHS zone at the northeast side.

Baridhara is one of the best areas in Dhaka, with many facilities. It is a well-planned area with a cleaner and calmer environment.

It is also an area where many celebrities and politicians, including Hossain Muhammad Ershad, live. Moreover, it is probably the area with the most diplomatic residences, with over 20 embassies and high commissioner residences. That is why it is one of the well-secured areas which is always under CCTV surveillance.

Moreover, communication in and out of the city is accessible from this area. However, as it is more of a residential area, there is a limitation of public transport.

It has many reputed institutions, including the US-Bangla airline's headquarters. If you enjoy a calm environment and a better (and expensive) lifestyle, moving to Baridhara can be the best decision.

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City Insights

tick iconSituated near wealthy areas like Gulshan and Bashundhara, Baridhara is one of the high-class areas in Dhaka.
tick iconAs it has many diplomatic residences, most parts of the area are well-planned and developed.
tick iconIt has multiple parks, lakes, hospitals, shopping centers, etc.
tick iconIt is only a short distance from Kuril Flyover, Dhaka Expressway, and Jamuna Future Park.
tick iconMany foreign embassies and high commissions are in this area.
tick iconUsually, the areas inside Baridhara are quieter than other such residential areas and do not have heavy traffic issues.

Known Landmarks

  • Baridhara Park

  • North End Coffee Roasters

  • US-Bangla Airline headquarter

  • Baridhara Jame Mosque & Islamic Centre

  • Baridhara DOHS Conventional Center


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Bus Routes

Baridhara - Gulshan
Baridhara - Badda
Baridhara - Banani
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Nearest Train Stations

Dhaka Cantonment Railway Station
Banani Railway Station

New Developments

tick iconMulti-lane road construction is in development in the Baridhara DOHS area.
tick iconSwimming pools for children and more recreational areas are to be built soon.
tick iconPurbachal Expressway to Madani Avenue of Baridhara is to be connected by 2025.

What’s great here?

tick iconSince Baridhara is a prestigious neighborhood, it is well-maintained and has many beautiful landscapes.
tick iconThere are many schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, banks, and other commercial and financial institutions in Baridhara that offer easy access to daily necessities.
tick iconBaridhara, Dhaka offers a luxurious lifestyle
tick iconThe area has beautiful green spaces and grand homes

What needs attention?

tick iconWater pollution of the lakes due to sewerage lines connected to them.
tick iconAir pollution and poor air quality.

Neighbourhood Rating


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Connectivity & Commute5 out of 5
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Lifestyle & Facilities5 out of 5
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Safety & Security4 out of 5
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Environment5 out of 5

Property Price Trends in Baridhara for

Average Price (Last 12 months)
Tk. 10,513.68 sqft
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