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Nawabganj, Dhaka

Nawabganj is an Upazilla of Dhaka, set at the shore of Ichamoti River. Settled at the 35-kilometer southwest of Dhaka city, Nawabganj is a confluence of history and development. Due to the demographic location of the area, it is one of the influential parts of Dhaka for trade and commerce.

Nawabganj is not a city of recent times. The name itself implies its rich history and its connection with the Nawabs of the Nawabi Period. The upazila is surrounded by three rivers. These are Ichamoti, Kaliganga, and Padma river. This unique feature makes it an economically viable junction for exchanging goods.

The Nawabganj Upazila is a merge of 14 union parishads. The recent consensus reveals that the area has 70,757 households and 318,811 people. As the area's strategic location is quite predominant, its political influence is something you can’t ignore. You will notice the influence of politics in commerce and day-to-day lives there.

The area became a hot topic of discussion when the day-trip culture suddenly became popular. To spend a day away from the hustling and bustling of Dhaka city, Dhaka-dwellers started to seek destinations adjacent to Dhaka where they could make a day out of it. The natural demeanor and historical significance made Mawabganj a tourist attraction.

Friends and families are now rushing to Nawabganj whenever they get a chance to connect with nature, breathe fresh oxygen, and enjoy the serenity of the Ichamoti rivers. Such a boost in tourism is uplifting trade and commerce and invigorating the fate of the economy of the Nawabganj Upazila.

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City Insights

tick iconNawabganj is situated in the Southwest part of Dhaka district and near the Dohar Upazilla.
tick iconEnriched with historical significance, Nawabganj is a dream place for history enthusiasts and tourists. The history of Dhaka is incomplete without the history and its remnants established in Nawabganj.
tick iconThe Riverine atmosphere and verdant environment are a big plus point of Nawabganj.
tick iconThe economy is mostly based on the transit of riverine goods and tourism.
tick iconYou can travel via Bus from Dhaka city. Rickshaws and autos are available within the city.

Known Landmarks

  • Brajniketan Building

  • Vanga Mashjid

  • Majar Of Afazudding Shah

  • Khelaram Data’s Historical Resident

  • Hasnabad Jopmala Rani’s Chruch

  • Adnan Palace


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Bus Routes

Nawabganj - Gabtoli
Nawabganj - Beribadh
Nawabganj - Rayer Bazar
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Nearest Train Stations

Mawa Railway Station
Sreenagar Railway Station

New Developments

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What’s great here?

tick iconThe roads are very wide and traffic-free. You can reach the city within 2 hours starting from Gabtoli.
tick iconMost of the residents are connected with Trade and commerce.
tick iconThe political influence and dominance are an indelible part of their lifestyle.
tick iconThe residents live in congenial and friendly terms. They ensure the safety of their family and their community.
tick iconThe serenity of the riverine ambiance is a heavenly touch for residents and tourists.

What needs attention?

tick iconThere are no designated pathways for pedestrians. Residents face difficulty finding a ride at night.
tick iconThe internet facility is still grossly unavailable.
tick iconThe political turmoil often doesn’t spare the laypeople.
tick iconThe rivers and the greeneries are at the throttle of some ill-intended businessmen and powerful figures.
tick iconSome affluent and powerful people are grabbing the river-side areas and destroying the ecosystem.

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Connectivity & Commute4 out of 5
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Safety & Security3.5 out of 5
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Environment3 out of 5

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