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Banani DOHS, Dhaka

Banani DOHS is a special place in Dhaka that is under North City Corporation of Dhaka. It is known for having a great mix of high-end residential areas and select businesses. This exclusive neighborhood is known for its quiet streets, lots of grass, and high standards of living. It is a prestigious part of Dhaka's urban fabric, perfect for people who want to enjoy the better things about city life.

Banani DOHS's total area is approximately 2040 square feet and is an ideal place for many people. Because it has a perfect blend of luxury and community spirit. It provides a picky crowd with a wide range of high-end housing choices, from modern apartments to grand private homes. Each one offers the luxury of space and privacy that is hard to find in the city's busier areas.

Not only housings, it has also many high-end shopping areas and restaurants. With this residential area vibe, it also serves as an important corporate area as it has numerous corporate offices.

The well-planned roads and strategic position of Banani DOHS make it easy to get to and from the school. It is also close to major city areas and business districts. Even though it doesn't have direct Metro Rail connections, the area is well connected to Dhaka's transportation network because it is close to important highways and has a lot of different ways to get around.

Banani DOHS is also proud of its close-knit community feel, which is made better by its private clubs, parks, and leisure centers that encourage socializing and getting involved in the community. Resident have access to high-quality medical and educational services because there are great schools and hospitals in or close to the area, which improves the quality of life.

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City Insights

tick iconBanani DOHS is known for having high-end residential areas and a few selected businesses. This creates a good balance for sophisticated city life.
tick iconThe area is filled with elegant eateries and fashionable shops, which makes it a great place to go for people who want to eat and shop well.
tick iconBecause of its great location, Banani DOHS has great access to Dhaka's major roads and a variety of public transportation choices that make getting around the city easier.
tick iconBanani DOHS meets the high expectations of its residents by providing access to top-notch medical and educational services through its well-known schools and cutting-edge medical facilities.

Known Landmarks

  • BRAC Bank Head Office.

  • Banani DOHS Club.

  • Lakeshore Banani

  • Grameenphone Head Office

  • Banani DOHS Park


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Bus Routes

Banani DOHS – Mirpur 1, 2, 10
Banani DOHS - Mohammadpur
Banani DOHS - Banasree
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Nearest Train Stations

Banani Railway Station

New Developments

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What’s great here?

tick iconBeing in the middle of Dhaka makes it easier to get to from other parts of the city.
tick iconBus routes connect to many places, and major roads are close by, making the journey easy.
tick iconCultural diversity like in Mirpur, makes the town lively and welcoming.
tick iconThis place is comparatively safe and secure than other parts of Dhaka
tick iconThere are many places to eat, shopping malls, and important services like banks and hospitals that are close by.
tick iconIt is perfect for families and workers because it is home to reputable medical and educational facilities.
tick iconAn urban setting with efforts to keep green areas and streets lined with trees, making it a nice place to live.

What needs attention?

tick iconSometimes living here may cost a bit more than other areas

Neighbourhood Rating


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Connectivity & Commute5 out of 5
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Lifestyle & Facilities3.5 out of 5
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Safety & Security4.5 out of 5
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Environment4 out of 5

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