shib bari mor/circle
jora shiv mandir/twin shiva temple
northern university of business and technology
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Shib Bari, Khulna

Near the Khulna Railway Station and 5 no. customs terminal of the Rupsha River is a twin Shiva or Shib Temple. It is believed that during the 1104 Bengali Year, Sri Krishna Ram Basu established these temples, which make them over 300 years old. And because of this Shib Temple, the Shib Bari name came up.

Shib Bari is not a specific location. However, the Shib Bari area guide will tell you that it is located in the SonadangaUp Upazila and Kotwali Thana, under the Khulna City Corporation’s ward no. 17. The Shib Bari Mor or circle, which is located around 1 kilometer from the Shib Temple, is one of the most important and bursting points of the Shib Bari location.

The Shib Bari Mor is known for being a commercial and business zone. Many types of businesses have grown over the years, centering around the Mor. From travel and tour guides and shopping centers to community centers and government offices, the area offers access to all the necessary amenities.

There are several bus stops, and buses travel from Shib Bari Mor to various other routes. You can also take rides in rickshaws, CNGs, autorickshaws, etc. Trucks and other large vehicles can also easily access the roads through this area. On top of that, the Khulna Railway Station is right around the corner from there.

Other than the temple or the circle, people can travel to the area and visit the Khulna Divisional Museum, BIWTA Launch Terminal, Sangeeta Cinema Hall, and the Rupsha River itself. Though urbanization robbed the area of greenery, Shib Bari and its nearby areas have transformed into one of the sought-after locations for housing and commercial spaces.

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City Insights

tick iconShib Bari is a location of khulna’s Sonadanaga Upazila and Kotwali Thana.
tick iconIt is located near the Rupsha River and Khulna Railway Station.
tick iconThe area was named and known for the twin Shiva Temple, established more than 300 years ago.
tick iconThe Shib Bari Mor is one of the busiest locations in the city and offers access to various modes of transportation.
tick iconSince it is a city area, Shib Bari is filled with commercial buildings and government offices.

Known Landmarks

  • Shib Bari Mor/Circle

  • Jora Shiv Mandir/Twin Shiva Temple

  • Northern University of Business and Technology

  • Khulna Railway Station

  • Khulna Divisional Museum

  • Rupsha River


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Bus Routes

Shib Bari Mor - Sonadanaga
Shib Bari Mor - Royal Mor
Shib Bari Mor - Rupsha
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Nearest Train Stations

Khulna Railway Station

New Developments

tick iconNone at the moment

What’s great here?

tick iconThe Shib Bari Circle offers a broader range of communication and transportation facilities.
tick iconThe roads in the area are developed as well.
tick iconThe nearby locations of Shib Bari offer more modern living accommodations.
tick iconThe area has various restaurants, parks, universities and amenities nearby.
tick iconShib Bari area offers adequate safety and security.
tick iconThe area offers all the modern facilities and a better living environment.

What needs attention?

tick iconHousing and commercial spaces cost more in the area.
tick iconThere are often minor incidents and inconveniences in the area.
tick iconDue to urbanization, the area lacks enough greenery.
tick iconIndustrialization and increasing traffic are responsible for pollution in the area.

Neighbourhood Rating


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Connectivity & Commute5 out of 5
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Lifestyle & Facilities5 out of 5
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Safety & Security3.5 out of 5
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Environment3.5 out of 5

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