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Dacope, Khulna

For anyone who wants to explore the mystery and beauty of the Sundarbans Mangrove Forest and its nearby locality while enjoying a few nights’ stay, there is no better way to get there than the Dacope. This upazila of the Khulna District is located at the far end of the district. It was established as a thana of the district in 1906 but was converted into an upazila in 1983.

The Dacope area guide shows the upazila has a land area of 382.85 square kilometers. However, it is about 991.56 square kilometers, including Sundarbans. It has a population of more than 1.5 lakh. It is bounded by Batiaghata Upazila in the north, Sundarban Forest in the south, Batiaghata Upazila and Rampal Upazila (of Bagerhat) in the east, and the Paikgacha Upazila in the west.

What makes this upazila stand out is that it offers more facilities and accommodations for visitors and tourists than other nearby areas. Travelers can access Dacope from the Khulna City area and use the Batiaghata upazila route directly via bus.

Though there are no railway routes in the area, people also use ferries, boats, and launches to cross rivers or visit the locations of Sundarbans forest areas. The main water bodies surrounding the upazila are the Shibsa River, Pasur River, Chunkuri River, Jhapjhapaia Canal, etc.

Though Dacope seems like a locality from the main town, it is one of the few upazilas with more paved roads than mud roads. It also has over 650 bridges and culverts. While communications in the area are pretty good compared to many others, natural disasters often cause havoc in daily life here.

Because it has many ponds, rivers, canals, and other water sources, the economy of the upazila has flourished due to fisheries and shrimp cultivation. It has over 6,110 ponds, over 4,500 lobster farms, 40 shrimp farms, and 4 shrimp hatcheries. There are also over 867 poultries in Dacope.

Notable educational institutes in Dacope are Muhammad Ali Secondary School, Chalna Bazar Government Girl's High School, Chalna MM College, etc. Historical and other notable landmarks are Karamjal Wildlife Breeding Center, Kalibagi Eco Tourism Center, Shekher Tek Eco Tourism Center, Ruin of Shibsha Temple, Chalna Lunch Terminal, etc.

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City Insights

tick iconDacope was a thana of Khulna District, but it was established as an upazila in 1983.
tick iconAlong with some limitations, people can travel in and out of Dacope using ferry ghats, roads, and highways.
tick iconThe lands of the upazila are filled with agricultural land areas, rivers, ponds, greeneries, etc.
tick iconIts economy largely depends on agriculture and fisheries.
tick iconThe Sundarbans Mangrove Forest and many eco-parks in the area are popular tourist destinations.

Known Landmarks

  • Karamjal Wildlife Breeding Center

  • Kalibagi Eco Tourism Center

  • Shekher Tek Eco Tourism Center

  • Chalna MM College

  • Tildanga Kali Mondir

  • Chalna Lunch Terminal


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Bus Routes

Dacope - Tiladanaga
Dacope - Tala
Dacope - Barobaria
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Nearest Train Stations

There is no train station in the nearby area.

New Developments

tick iconThe upcoming developments of the upazila include the development of educational institutions, construction, and widening of roads, increasing boundary walls, etc.
tick iconOther projects involve increasing water supply and sanitation facilities and improving lifestyles in the area.

What’s great here?

tick iconDacope is accessible from Khulna City via bus, CNGs, vans, legunas, etc.
tick iconMost of the roads in the area are pretty developed.
tick iconLiving in Dacope is very affordable, and the town areas offer better living facilities.
tick iconDacope has various tourist spots and resorts.
tick iconThe upazila offers sufficient safety for the residents.
tick iconDacope is environmentally friendly and suitable for enjoying many naturally beautiful locations.

What needs attention?

tick iconDue to the lack of large bridges, people must use ferry ghats to travel to Dacope and other locations.
tick iconDacope has more underdeveloped houses than developed ones.
tick iconThe area also lacks access to many types of modern amenities.
tick iconUnexpected crimes happen pretty often in this upazila.
tick iconThe upazila faces natural disasters every year, which cause mild to severe damage.

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Lifestyle & Facilities4 out of 5
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Safety & Security3.5 out of 5
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Environment4 out of 5

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