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phultala bazar genocide spot
phultala dabur ground
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Phultala, Khulna

Doing justice to its name, Phultala Upazilla stands as a timeless testament of rural Bangladesh. It is a picturesque sub-district that found its homeland in the Khulna District of Bangladesh. Whatever you imagine when you hear “Beautiful Bangla,” Phultola will deliver. In this Phultala area guide, we will explore this unexplored city.

Situated amidst lush greenery and fertile agricultural lands, Phultala is renowned for its scenic beauty and rich cultural heritage. The Upazilla has 4 unions and 38 villages. A total of 1,33,374 people have found their forever home in this sub-district.

Only 22 kilometers away from the Sadar, this upazila found refuge at the Bank of Bhairab River. Moreover, the Shree River is another significant waterbody that supports and reinforces the area's flora and fauna. Due to this affluent water, shrimp cultivation is a popular source of income for the dwellers of Phultala.

Agriculture is the backbone of Phultala's economy, with huge stretches of rice paddies, mango orchards, and jute farms dotting the countryside. The fertile soil and suitable temperature make perfect circumstances for farming a wide range of crops, which contribute considerably to the region's wealth.

Phultala has historically been vital to Bangladesh's quest for independence. The echoes of the Liberation War resound through the streets, demonstrating the perseverance and heroism of the people. You will find various genocide spots that leaves an indelible mark of the sacrifices of people in 1971.

The allure of Phultala is not simply its natural beauty but also its cultural tapestry. Phultala's cultural history, which includes folk music and dance performances as well as age-old customs passed down through generations, is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered.

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City Insights

tick iconPhultala is nestled at the bank of the Bhairab River and is a sub-district of Khulna District.
tick iconThe people of Phultala are humble, and the neighborhood is strong and indefectible. An agriculture-based lifestyle has sustained the family value of rural Bangla.
tick iconLush greenery and the breeze of gentle air from the waterbodies have been soothing the residents for ages. The environment and climate have enabled the perfect land for cultivation.
tick iconPhultala is connected with other parts of Bangladesh via roads and rails. In fact, Phultala is a crucial junction in the Dhaka-Kolkata railway trip.
tick iconDuring the liberation from war, Phultala was bled out by the atrocities of the Pakistani Military. The remnants of genocides are still haunting the collective memories of the residents of Phultala.

Known Landmarks

  • Dakkhindihi Rabindra Complex

  • Phultala Bazar Genocide Spot

  • Phultala Dabur Ground

  • Bank of Bhairab River


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Bus Routes

Phultala Bus Stop - Mohila Collage Gate
Phultala Bus Stop - Super Brick
Phultala Bus Stop - Phultala Bazar
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Nearest Train Stations

Phultala Railway Station

New Developments

tick iconNone at this moment.

What’s great here?

tick iconPhultala is replete with various modes of communication.
tick iconFrom roads and trains to shipping, all channels of communication are viable in this area.
tick iconThe lifestyle of Phultala is still agro-based. However, abundant industries, mills, factories, and workshops produce jute products, salts, bricks, etc.
tick iconMany residents work in such factories and contribute to Bangladesh's economy.
tick iconPhultala is bereft of violence and political turmoil. People are peace-friendly and don’t delve into unnecessary upheaval.
tick iconThe natural environment of Phultala includes pockets of forested areas and wetlands in addition to rivers and bills, which are home to diverse flora and fauna.

What needs attention?

tick iconSome village roads and streets are yet to be refurbished. In some locations, bridges are not made, and people must rely on boats for transportation.
tick iconPhultala is still devoid of modern facilities and amenities.
tick iconMany people are devoid of futuristic and scientific education.
tick iconOften, speedy buses on the highway collide with auto-rickshaws and passengers. It caused death and injuries.
tick iconThe Bhairab River is declining in health and heart. Incessant use has pushed it to the brink of destruction.

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