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Nirala, Khulna

Nirala is a one-of-a-kind residential hub perched at the heart of Khulna. This meticulously crafted area was designed by the Khulna Development Authority in the early eighties. This is a posh neighborhood whose lifestyle and cost of living surpass the surrounding areas and most parts of Khulna.

This Nirala area guide will take you on a virtual expedition to learn about this residential area in detail. As you know, Nirala is a complete residential hub packed with all urban facilities and provisions. The area is designed with sheer calculation and planning, so the housing facilities are very organized and assembled neatly.

Khulna Development Authority acquired 67.31 acres of land and segregated 544 plots. The plots are divided into three categories and sectioned as 3 Kantha, 4 Kantha, and 5 Kantha. It is easier for the residents to choose and build their homes based on their preferences and budget. So, from the bird-eye view, this sub-division looks very neatly orchestrated.

Nirala is not just a place where you can build a home and live. It is a complete package crammed with eateries, restaurants, parks, schools, madrasahs, and other urban amenities.

Many restaurants in the area serve authentic Khulna cuisine. Nirala Park, nestled at the core of the residential area, is a great attraction for both residents and tourists. Two mosques are inside the area. The residential hub also has some pre-school, primary and high schools in the vicinity.

Moreover, Nirala is only 3 km away from the Khulna Sadar. So, it would take only 6 minutes of driving to get there. Many residents prefer to live at Nirala and commute via bus or bike to Sadar for work or business. That’s what makes Nirala a coveted residential area among Khulna dwellers.

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City Insights

tick iconNirala is a residential space settled at the heart of Khulna City beside the Moyur River.
tick iconThe neighborhood is an elegant and sophisticated area with a social bonding of sharing and caring.
tick iconThe Nirala Housing project, orchestrated by the Khulna Development Authority in the 1980s, was to deliver a planned residential space with many amenities.
tick iconNirala Park And Nirala Dighi are a great addition to the urban swathe. It provides a freshness in the air.
tick iconBus, autorickshaws, rickshaws, and many other transportation are readily available and up for grabs from morning to evening.

Known Landmarks

  • Nirala Park

  • Nirala Dighi

  • Bangladesh Biman Monument

  • Central Shaheed Minar Khulna

  • Darul Ulum Mosque And Madrasah.


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Bus Routes

Nirala - Zero Point
Nirala - Gallamari
Nirala - Khulna University
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Nearest Train Stations

Khulna Railway Station

New Developments

tick iconNone at this moment.

What’s great here?

tick iconNirala is located at the core of Khulna city. So you can travel to and fro from any place in Khulna to Nirala easily.
tick iconNearby schools and colleges provide drop-off services for students so that they can come home safely.
tick iconThe area is replete with affluent people, so the lifestyle is somewhat extravagant.
tick iconMany urban facilities are available in abundance here.
tick iconNirala residential space is surrounded by wall boundaries and can be accessed through designated gates. Thus, the area is safe, and security is tight.
tick iconSettled in the city's midst, Nirala is basically a concrete jungle. However, the greenery of the park and the serenity of the Dighi cut down on the urban manifestation.

What needs attention?

tick iconSome roads and streets are still not developed. They are muddy and in dilapidated conditions.
tick iconThe old buildings didn’t maintain a safe distance from each other when they were built.
tick iconSo, there are little to no gaps between the houses that cause hygiene issues.
tick iconSome houses and walls do not have spikes or prongs that could keep the thieves away from invading.
tick iconIn a span of a decade, deforestation severely impacted the environment of the region.

Neighbourhood Rating


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Connectivity & Commute4.5 out of 5
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Lifestyle & Facilities3 out of 5
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Safety & Security4 out of 5
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Environment3.5 out of 5

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Tk. 5,248.0 sqft
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