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Boyra Bazar, often known as the Choto Boyra Bazar, is one of the busiest and most crowded market areas in Khulna Metropolitan City. It is located near several important roads, such as Sheikh Abu Naser Bypass Road, Dhaka-Jessore-Khulna Road, Jalil Sarani, and Boyra Main Road.

The bazar falls under the Khulna City Corporation’s Ward 16. It is a part of Sonadanga Thana and one of the oldest marketplaces in Khulna City. And in case you are interested in the Boyra Bazar area guide, you should know that it is a place with many known and important locations.

From small to large shops, groceries, raw markets to clothing markets, the bazar has it all. That is why it is one of the most chaotic locations that doesn’t sleep until late at night.

Since the bazar is located near several main roads, vendors, business people, customers, and even the residents of the area can easily travel from different parts of the city. Other than the raw market shops, the Khokon Shopping Complex is the go-to shopping mall for the locals. There are also banks, medical centers, real estate companies, mosques, churches, temples, etc., near the bazar area.

It has several educational institutes nearby, such as the Fatema Memorial School, Hazi Foyez Uddin Girls’ School, Sundarban Institute of Technology, Sundarban Medical Institute, Bangladesh Institute Of Management (BIM), etc.
There are also government, non-government, private, and public offices and institutions near the bazar. Some of the notable ones are the Khulna Directorate of Posts, Regional Jute Goods Laboratory, Regional Family Planning Office, Quantum Foundation, World Vision Child Care Center, Soil Resource Development Institute (SRDI), etc.

The area has residential homes and properties that are mostly family-owned. However, new residential and commercial properties are currently under development near the Boyra Bazar areas.

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tick iconBoyra Bazar is located in ward 16 of Sonadanga Thana.
tick iconIt is a bazar area next to the Dhaka-Jessore-Khulna road.
tick iconBeing surrounded by two major roads, the bazar is accessible from various parts of the city and localities.
tick iconThere are many shops in the area selling various necessities, such as groceries, fruits, vegetables, fish and meats, clothes, etc.
tick iconThe Boyra Bazar is one of the oldest bazars in the city with several old buildings.

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  • Boyra Mor

  • Boyra Bazar Jame Mosjid

  • Choto Boyra Baptist Church

  • Khokon Shopping Complex

  • Hazi Foyez Uddin Girl’s School


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Boyra Bazar - KUET
Boyra Bazar - Khulna Medical College
Boyra Bazar - Boyra Mor
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Khulna Railway Station

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tick iconNew modern housing projects are under development near the Boyra Bazar area.

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tick iconTraveling to the Boyra Bazar area is easy due to the Dhaka-Jessore-Khulna road and outer bypass road.
tick iconInside the area, people can use local transport for communication.
tick iconRenting apartments in the Boyra Bazar area is very affordable.
tick iconBuying daily necessities is easy and more accessible in the area.
tick iconThe crime rate of the area is pretty low.
tick iconSome parts of the area are filled with greenery.

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tick iconThe roads are filled with holes and ditches, making the rides uncomfortable and a nightmare for commuters.
tick iconThe area lacks good amenities and recreational places.
tick iconWater logging is a common issue in the area, which is one of the reasons for the suffering of the residents.
tick iconThe highways and major roads near the bazar area are prone to traffic accidents.
tick iconSince it is a bazar area, it is always crowded, chaotic, and dirty.

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