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দীঘালিয়া, খুলনা

One of the parts of the Khulna District that are divided into multiple land areas by various rivers is the Dighalia Upazila. True to its name, the upazila is surrounded by several water bodies, such as the Bhairab River, Ichamoti River, Atrai River, and the Majudkhali River. In today’s Dighalia area guide, we will explore the beauty, territory, and environment of the upazila.

The Dighalia Upazila, established in 1983, has a land area of 86.52 square kilometers. It has 6 unions and a population of about 1,15,585. The literacy rate of the upazila is 55.64%, and it has over 70 educational institutes. While a large part of the economy depends on agriculture, fisheries, mango and vegetable cultivation, jute and rice mills, etc., also play a role in the economy.

The Deara village has a scarred history from the 1971 Liberation War, during which mass murder occurred. The area is also known for other notable architects, such as the Shenhati Shiva Temple, Katanipara Shiva Temple, Kobi Krishna Chandra Institute, etc.

Other notable landmarks and institutes include Dighalia Police Station, Dighalia Eidgah, Dighalia Ferry Terminal, Bhairab River, Chitra River, etc. Many people also like to visit the Pottery Industry area behind the Sentati Secondary School.

When it comes to transportation and commuting, there are certain limitations, as the area is bound by rivers. People use rickshaws, vans, bikes, and other mini-transports inside the area. However, if you want to travel to any other part of Khulna from Dighalia, boats, and ferries are the only means of transport as there are no bridges.

However, one of the good things about this upazila is its beauty and tranquility. The sides of the roads are mostly filled with trees, green open fields, farmlands, and rivers, which are instant mood-boosters.

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সিটি ইনসাইট

tick iconThe Dighalia Upazila is located about 12 kilometers from Khulna Zilla Sadar and near the Bhairab River.
tick iconSurrounded by various rivers, the only way to transport from Dighalia to Khulna Sadar is by boats and ferries.
tick iconDighalia is filled with lots of greenery and offers a calm view of the rivers.
tick iconThe living conditions of the people in Dighalia are not very developed.
tick iconThe economy depends on farming, fisheries, agriculture, etc.

পরিচিত ল্যান্ডমার্ক সমূহ

  • Dighalia Ferry Terminal

  • Kobi Krishna Chandra Institute

  • Rupsha River

  • Chitra River

  • Katanipara Shiva Temple


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বাস রুট

Dighalia - Arua
Dighalia - Gazirhat
Dighalia - Terokhada Road
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কাছাকাছি রেলস্টেশন

Daulatpur Railway Station
Khulna Railway Station

নতুন উন্নয়ন

tick iconBhairab-Dighalia Bridge is to connect the upazila to Khulna City.

এখানে কি ভালো?

tick iconFrom ferries and boats to rickshaws and vans, there are various transportation available in the upazila.
tick iconDighalia has many haat and bazaars and market areas.
tick iconLiving in Dighalia is safe and secure compared to many other localities of Khulna.
tick iconDighalia is a naturally beautiful area with many rivers and green lands.

কোথায় উন্নয়ন প্রয়োজন?

tick iconThe roads are narrow and mostly underdeveloped.
tick iconThe only route to the city is ferries, as there are no bridges.
tick iconMany households in the area are in poor condition due to the financial state of the people.
tick iconSome areas suffer from the lack of safe drinking water due to salinity and arsenic.

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