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রায়েরমহল, খুলনা

If you are passing through the Khulna Outer Bypass Road from Goalkhali Main Road to Boyra Mor, the Rayermohol area will be on your right. It is part of the Khalishpur Thana of Khulna Metropolitan City area. Moreover, Rayermohol is an area of Khulna City Corporation wards no. 09 and 14. Parts of Boro Boyra also belong to the Rayermohol area guide.

Since it is located next to a main road and in a city area, the localities of Rayermohol are always busy and chaotic. The suburban parts of the area are very suitable and affordable to live in, even though land prices are increasing day by day.

The main income sources for people in the area are trade businesses and jobs. The area also has a number of mills and factories. Rayermahal also has other industries, and they are Renata Limited Khulna Depot, and Khulna Fish Inspection and Quality Control.

The historical landmark or significant area of Rayermohol is the genocide camp of the 1971 Liberation War. Other notable locations include Manob Manjil Shrine or Darbar Sharif, Baitul Mamur Jame Masjid or Rayermohol Bazar Masjid, Shri Radha Gobindo Mondir/Temple, Metropolitan Police Line, etc. Rayermahal also has industries, and they are Renata Limited Khulna Depot, and Khulna Fish Inspection and Quality Control.

This area also has healthcare institutes like Zahurul Haque Hospital, Khulna Tuberculosis & Leprosy Control Project, and other diagnostic centers. Some of the notable educational institutions here are Rayermohol Govt. Primary School, Rayermohol Secondary School, Rayermohol College, and Rayermohal Honour's College. Khulna Home Economics College, Boyra Technical School, and Bastuhara Secondary School are also renowned in the area.

One particular area of Rayermohol that stands out is the Bastuhara Colony. It is an underdeveloped and crowded slum area. It is also one of the locations of Rayermohol that suffers from water clogging and flooding often due to the garbage-filled canals.

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tick iconRayermahal is an area under the Khulna Metropolitan Jurisdiction and is located in the Khalishpur Thana area.
tick iconIt is located near the Khulna Outer Bypass Road, which is why traveling is highly convenient from the area through various types of vehicles.
tick iconRayermohol has several historical and important landmarks.
tick iconAlong with developed households and residential locations, it has a slum area called Bastuhara Colony.
tick iconRayermohol is also an economic area with many offices and businesses.

পরিচিত ল্যান্ডমার্ক সমূহ

  • Boyra Mor

  • Rayermohol Secondary School

  • Rayermohol College

  • Khulna Home Economics College

  • Boyra Police Fari

  • Khulna Fish Inspection and Quality Control


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Rayermohol - Khulna City
Boyra Mor - Goalkhali
Boyra Mor - Shib Bari Mor
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Khulna Railway Station
Daulatpur Railway Station

নতুন উন্নয়ন

tick iconRayermohol Moddhopara Road or the Rayermohol Bazar Road is to be improved.
tick iconA 4.90 km long 2-lane road will be constructed from Khulna Satkhira Road to Rayermohol.
tick iconRayermohol Road and its area are to undergo other developments, including the construction of roads, culverts, bridges, walls, or boundary developments.

এখানে কি ভালো?

tick iconRayermahal is located near main roads and highways, which is why it offers broader transportation facilities.
tick iconThere are several bus routes that connect Rayermohol to other locations via Gollamari Road and Boyra Mor.
tick iconLiving in Rayermohol is comparatively affordable.
tick iconThe area and its nearby locations offer access to amenities and recreational facilities.
tick iconMost parts of the area are safe to live in.
tick iconRayermohol is a suburban area with rapid urbanization and development, offering a better living environment for urban people.

কোথায় উন্নয়ন প্রয়োজন?

tick iconThe Outer Bypass Road and several roads inside the area need development.
tick iconThe Bastuhara Colony, or slum area, is overly crowded and suffers from a lack of hygiene.
tick iconPetty crime, violence, and mugging often become the cause of public suffering in the area.
tick iconThe canals near the Bastuhara Colony lack a proper drainage system. Waste and garbage disposal clog the canals, causing waterlogging and flooding problems even in mild rainfall.
tick iconThe people of Bastuhara Colony and other nearby residences often suffer from a lack of clean drinking water.

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