sonadanga lake
1971: genocide-torture archive & museum
khulna medical college and medical college hospital
central postal park

সোনাডাংগা, খুলনা

With several historical and old landmarks, Sonadanga of Khulna district stands tall, just like its buildings in the Sonadanga area guide. It has a land area of 8.42 sq./km and a population of 175,000 (according to Khulna Metropolitan Police).

This vast area under the Khulna City Corporation consists of 7 wards and 42 mouza/mahallas. It has the Kotwali Thana on the south and east, Batiaghata and Dumuria upazilas on the west, and the Khalishpur Thana on the north. It is also an area of a diverse lifestyle as people from various economic backgrounds live here.

Sonadanga has a well-planned residential area that was developed by the Khulna Development Authority or KDA. The 1st phase of the residential area alone has a land area of 30.69 acres and has about 205 plots. Most of these offer affordable housing and commercial properties for rent. The cost of land or plots varies depending on which part of the location it is.

As for communication, the Khulna-Jessore-Dhaka Highway, Sher-E-Bangla Road, Outer Bypass Road, etc., are major mediums of travel for people across the city. The Sonadanga Bus Terminal is a major bus stand that offers travel to various bus routes in and out of the city.

The area also offers various amenities, such as inns, parks, community centers, shopping malls, bazaars, etc. The Rayermahal Genocide Camp, 1971: Genocide-Torture Archive & Museum, Bangladesh Biman Monument, Bangladesh Betar, etc., are some of the notable landmarks.

The Khulna City Medical College and Hospital is the central medical institution in Sonadanga. There are also well-known educational institutions, such as the Boyra Post-Office High School, Khulna Islamia Degree College, Islamabad Collegiate School, etc.

The area also has some drawbacks, such as water supply issues, poor waste drainage and management, environmental pollution, accidents, and crimes.

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সিটি ইনসাইট

tick iconSonadanga is an important location of Khulna Division, consisting of 7 wards and 30 mahallas.
tick iconIt is an area with many government, non-government, private, and public offices and institutions.
tick iconAlong with many religious centers, the area has several parks, community centers, training centers, restaurants, cinema halls, shopping malls, etc.
tick iconThe area has modern residential areas with all important amenities that are within a short distance.
tick iconIt is a land of various historical sites, old architects, greenery, and recreational areas.

পরিচিত ল্যান্ডমার্ক সমূহ

  • 1971: Genocide-Torture Archive & Museum

  • Sonadanga Lake

  • Central Postal Park

  • Khulna Medical College and Medical College Hospital

  • Bangladesh Biman Monument

  • New Market and Sonadanga Bou Bazar

  • Sunflower Garden


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Sonadanga - Rupsha
Sonadanga - Khulna University
Sonadanga - Khulna City Bypass
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কাছাকাছি রেলস্টেশন

Khulna Railway Station
Daulatpur Railway Station

নতুন উন্নয়ন

tick iconUCEP has proposed building the UCEP Resort & Convention Center at Sonadanga to increase entertainment facilities for the residents of the area.
tick iconKhulna Development Authority or KDA, has taken the initiative to build more housing in the area.

এখানে কি ভালো?

tick iconThere are several major roads and highways that offer easy access in and out of the city.
tick iconLocals can also travel inside the localities using rickshaws, CNGs, cycles, bikes, etc.
tick iconThe area offers affordable housing for residential and commercial purposes.
tick iconThe area has several healthcare institutes, parks, historical places, etc.
tick iconThe area has a lower crime rate compared to many others in the district.
tick iconSome areas offer rural beauty with trees, open fields, and rivers, while others offer modern facilities for entertainment.

কোথায় উন্নয়ন প্রয়োজন?

tick iconThe Sonadanga bus terminal is a hazardous spot for commuters.
tick iconThe housing states suffer from insufficient space.
tick iconOne study shows that around 64% of the buildings in the Sonadanga Residential Area are found to be at risk of fire hazards.
tick iconRoad accidents are one of the major issues in the area.
tick iconDue to the dumping ground on the Sonadanga-Mujgunni highway, people have been suffering immensely.

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