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Bashundhara City, Dhaka

When the Bashundhara City Shopping Complex opened in 2004, it stunned the people of Dhaka and nearby areas. Located at Panthapath, Dhaka, Bashundhara City stands out as one of the city's attractions with its architectural and landscape beauty.

That was natural, given that it was a gigantic shopping mall covering 17,763 sq./meter or 191,200 sq./ft. area. It is not only the second-largest shopping mall in Bangladesh but also one of the largest malls in South Asia.

Even though this gigantic building is 19 floors tall, it has 8 floors in total. According to the Bashundhara City area guide, the building has over 2,325 retail stores and 100 food courts. There are also theme parks, theaters, fitness clubs, foreign money exchange booths, ATM booths, and various offices.

Each floor has its own criteria. For example, Level 4 has sarees and ladies' fashion stores, and Level 5 has jewelry, watches, optics, electronics, etc., stores. Then, Level 6 is filled with gift shops, computers, electronics, cookware, shoes, and other items.

Level 8 has the popular Star Cineplex movie theater and food courts. The tower from Level 9 to 19 has large shopping areas for brands like Aarong and Bata. In fact, Bata has the largest outlet in this mall. The rest of the tower has many gaming and adventure zones.

The ground floor of the building is always vibrant and filled with brand promotions and campaigns. There are often events like raffle draws and prizes for customers. The underground parking space accommodates up to 1800 vehicles.

The entire mall is accommodated by air conditioning and Wi-Fi zones. The mall is always clean, and safety and security are certainly top-notch.

So, for anyone who wants to experience an all-in-one convenient shopping experience or hang out with friends and families, the Bashundhara City Shopping Complex is the best place.

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City Insights

tick iconThe Bashundhara City Shopping Complex is located at Panthapath, Dhaka, near Karwan Bazar.
tick iconIt was officially opened in 2004 and is the second-largest shopping mall in the country and one of the largest in South Asia.
tick iconOther than clothing, jewelry, accessories, and other shops and restaurants, the mall consists of many recreational areas, including a movie theater.
tick iconThe shopping mall is popular for its ability to increase brand value through various commercial activities.
tick iconIt attracts no less than 50,000 to 200,000 visitors daily who come for shopping, recreation, and job purposes.

Known Landmarks

  • TITAS Gas Limited

  • Karwan Bazar

  • Karwan Bazar Metro Rail Station

  • City University

  • Panthapath Jame Mosjid


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Bus Routes

Bashundhara City - Bangla Motor
Bashundhara City - Green Road
Bashundhara City - Kalabagan
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Nearest Train Stations

Karwan Bazar Metro Rail Station
Tejgaon Railway Station
Farmgate Metro Rail Station
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New Developments

tick iconConstructions in the mall are going on in some parts of the mall to add more stores and customer facilities.

What’s great here?

tick iconThere is no scarcity of transport from Bashundhara City to other areas. You can even travel from the furthest part of Dhaka to reach Bashundhara City easily.
tick iconThe shopping complex has an underground parking space with an automated parking system for up to 1800 vehicles.
tick iconPeople from various economic backgrounds live in Bashundhara City’s neighboring areas.
tick iconPeople from various economic backgrounds live in Bashundhara City’s neighboring areas.
tick iconThe shopping mall is well guarded, and checkpoints to ensure the safety of the customers and avoid hazards.
tick iconThe building is designed to endure earthquakes as high as 7.5 magnitudes.
tick iconBashundhara City has a vibrant environment and is a place for high-class shopping and many recreational spots.
tick iconThe mall is women-friendly and has separate prayer and breastfeeding rooms.

What needs attention?

tick iconThe footpaths near the shopping mall area require improvement.
tick iconDuring holidays and festival times, the mall gets extremely crowded, with more than a million people visiting it.

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Environment4 out of 5

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