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Daulatpur, Khulna

Located only a short distance from the heart of the Khulna, Daultapur is one of the prominent areas under Khulna Metropolitan City. It is a Thana of Khulna District near the Bhairab River with a 7.69 sq./km land area. The Daulatpur area guide shows that the Thana has a population of 1,17,560. It consists of two Khulna City Corporation wards and 37 mauza/mahallas.

Since it is one of the major areas of Khulna District and the city, Daulatpur offers accessible transportation. It has two major highways, the Dhaka-Jessore-Khulna Road and the Khulna City Bypass, on both sides. The newly constructed Outer Bypass Road offers additional transportation facilities.

Transportation inside the localities includes cars, CNGs, rickshaws, auto rickshaws, vans, bicycles, etc. However, despite all the good things, most roads in Daulatpur are underdeveloped, and the local roads also need major development.

On top of that, untreated water and chemicals get discharged into canals, causing major water pollution. Though some parts of the area are facing new developments, most parts of the area are still far from having a modern lifestyle, facilities, and amenities.

Daulatpur is a rural and naturally beautiful area with lots of greenery. One can enjoy the beauty of open fields and lands around the area. The housing and living costs in Daulatpur are quite affordable.

But despite all that, Daulatpur, bearing notable landmarks and historical places, is changing day by day. The Daulatpur area alone consists of many notable educational institutions, government offices, special hospitals, religious institutions, etc.

The Daulatpur Bazar is one of the area's busiest marketplaces, where people gather daily for trade and business. And the Daulatpur Ferry Terminal helps thousands of people cross the Bhairab River.

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City Insights

tick iconDaulatpur is a thana under Khulna District and Khulna Metropolitan Area.
tick iconIt is a rural area with many historical landmarks and genocide locations from the Liberty War of 1971.
tick iconThe area has many educational institutions, such as primary and secondary schools, colleges, universities, training centers, madrasas, etc.
tick iconLiving in Daulatpur is highly affordable due to low house rent. It offers access to numerous restaurants, lake areas, and community centers.
tick iconSince it is a rural part of Khulna, Daulatpur is filled with green lands, fields, open plots, and more.
tick iconThe Dhaka-Jessore-Khulna Road and the Khulna City Bypass are two of the major roads that connect the area with other parts of the district and divisions.

Known Landmarks

  • Daulatpur Railway Station

  • Railway Ferry Terminal

  • Horticulture Center

  • Natun Rastar Mor

  • Bangladesh Navy School & College

  • Bhairab River

  • Agriculture Training Institute


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Bus Routes

Daulatpur - Old Satkhira Road
Daulatpur - Khulna City Bypass
Daulatpur - Khulna-Jessore-Dhaka Highway
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Nearest Train Stations

Daulatpur Railway Station

New Developments

tick iconThe Government has initiated several projects to increase educational institutions, hostel facilities, and other development projects.

What’s great here?

tick iconPeople can travel in and out of Daulatpur via local and public transport, trains, ferries, etc.
tick iconThe area offers broader transportation facilities via major highways.
tick iconLiving costs in Daulatpur are comparatively affordable.
tick iconThe rural parts of Daulatpur offer a breath of fresh air and are free of heavy pollution.

What needs attention?

tick iconLocal roads need major development and reconstruction.
tick iconIt is still not a fully developed area and doesn’t offer many amenities.
tick iconRoad accidents are pretty common on major highways.
tick iconUnplanned sewerage plan, dirty canal, and lack of waste disposal facilities are causing water pollution in several parts of the area.

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Safety & Security2.5 out of 5
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Environment4.5 out of 5

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