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Khilkhet, Dhaka

One notable administrative area in Dhaka, Bangladesh is Khilkhet Thana. It has a total area of 15.88 square kilometers (6.13 sq mi). On June 27th, 2005, Khilkhet separated from the southern parts of Badda Thana as a sign of its focused administration on urbanization and demographic challenges. Strategically located with Dhakshinkhan and Uttar Khan thana to the north, Badda thana to the south, Cantonment thana to the west and Bimanbandar thana to the northwest makes it clear that it is bordered by Turag River in the east dividing it from Rupganj Upazila of Narayanganj District. This shows that Nikunja-1 and Nikunja-2 are close to the Khilkhet Thana building as they are residential areas closest to this location.

According to Khilkhet area guide, this region is a part of Ward No. 17 under Dhaka North City Corporation covering portions of Dakshinkhan union and Dumni union which further speaks about its administrative importance as well as geographical reach within city’s urban fabric.The creation of Khilkhet thana did simplify governance in this rapidly growing locality but also boosted local development with regard to infrastructure as well as public services for their diverse population needs.

Khilkhet fully caters to its dwellers’ various requirements. However, more lifestyle facilities are required at the place considering that its population is continuously growing. Installation of surveillance cameras within the neighborhood together with a quick response team will increase the security level thus improving the minds of all who reside there.

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City Insights

tick iconPopulated neighborhood
tick iconMajor highway connectivity - Elevated Expressway
tick iconFive Star Hotels & Offices
tick iconKhilkhet is primarily a residential area, featuring a mix of apartment complexes, gated communities, and individual houses. It attracts residents from various socio-economic backgrounds, contributing to its diverse community.

Known Landmarks

  • Jahid Ikbal Chattar

  • Kuril Sheikh Bari

  • Independence Monument

  • Khilkhat Bus stand

  • Purbachal Expressway Canal


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Bus Routes

Khilkhet- Uttara
Khilkhet- Abdullahpur
Khilkhet- Banani
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Nearest Train Stations

Uttara Airport Rail Station

New Developments

tick iconPurbachal Expressway and the Elevated Expressways: This involves the improvement of traffic flow and connectivity through upgrading the Purbachal Expressway and the Elevated Expressways.

What’s great here?

tick iconOne of the main benefits of Khilkhet is its strategic position. It is surrounded by major thanas and the Turag River, allowing its dwellers to get access to different parts of Dhaka city hence enhancing connectivity and mobility.
tick iconThere are busy residential and commercial areas such as Nikunja-1 and Nikunja-2.
tick iconThe people living here engage in various economic activities like garment factories among others contributing to the local economy and providing employment opportunities.
tick iconBesides having five-star hotels and high-rise office buildings, Khilkhet is also known for hospitality and entrepreneurship that make it cosmopolitan enough to attract visitors or professionals who visit there.

What needs attention?

tick iconProper Traffic Management System
tick iconCommunity Health Service
tick iconCommunity Health Service
tick iconWater Blocking Solution

Neighbourhood Rating


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Connectivity & Commute4.5 out of 5
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Lifestyle & Facilities4.5 out of 5
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Safety & Security4 out of 5
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Environment3 out of 5

Property Price Trends in Khilkhet for

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Tk. 3,004.68 sqft
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Positive Trend
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