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Alankar, Chattogram

When you are crossing the Dhaka-Chattogram highway on your way to the commercial capital, you will enter it through Alankar More. That is because Alankar More is the entrance to Chattogram. Similarly, when you go outside Chattogram, Alankar More will be your place to buy a ticket and get on a bus. The area is typically known for its bus counter.

But there is more to it, of course. The Alankar area guide also says it has a remarkable landmark, the Alankar Mosque, which enhances the gaiety of life in the Alankar neighborhood. The presence of the mosque acts as a keystone for the Muslim dwellers in the locality.

However, the graceful design and flawless architecture will impress visitors, too. So, if you have a penchant for art and are wandering about the area, do pay the mosque a visit.

Alankar is basically a part of Uttar Kattali, a residential district in Chattogram. That means it has all the good amenities essential for maintaining a standard lifestyle. For instance, you will have high convenience regarding accessing crucial trade hubs. Besides, it has medical facilities, schools, and colleges.

If you want to relax from your monotonous routine life, Alankar will entertain you with its recreational centers. Overall, you can say that the place is strategically positioned, checking all the boxes for working people and families altogether.

Then again, if we had to say whether Alankar is more like a commercial or a residential area, we might have to lean toward the first one. That is because there are a number of banks and financial institutions. Also, you will notice the small businesses emerging on footpaths and alongside the streets.

A positive part of Alankar is its Alankar Shopping Complex. The whole complex is dedicated to selling clothing, cosmetics, gadgets, and other necessities for people with a low to medium budget. Everything there is available at a reasonable price, catering to the needs of the locals with a modest earning.

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City Insights

tick iconAlankar More is situated at Uttar Kattali in Chattogram City, which is a well-developed neighborhood area offering the comfort of urban life.
tick iconWhile Alankar serves as the entrance to Chattogram, it has a bus counter of several bus services to take you outside the city.
tick iconThe environment is mostly urban with a busy atmosphere of business due to the growing local businesses and commercial institutions.
tick iconThe community of Alankar leads a standard social life with sufficient security and conveniences.
tick iconAlankar’s economy principally relies on local small businesses and large institutions that create job opportunities for its people.

Known Landmarks

  • Alankar Police Box

  • Alankar More Circle

  • Alankar Mosque

  • Jetty Ghat Point

  • Port Connecting Road


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Bus Routes

New Market - Alankar
Tiger Pass - Alankar
Alankar - Bhatiary
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Nearest Train Stations

Chattogram Railway Station
Pahartali Railway Station
Sholashohor Railway Station
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New Developments

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What’s great here?

tick iconCommutes from and to Alankar are quite comfortable due to the high availability of buses and other transportation.
tick iconPeople can go to their workplaces, educational institutions, and other places without going through hassles to find suitable vehicles.
tick iconSeveral train stations near the area give the residents more options to travel to remote places.
tick iconAs part of a residential neighborhood, Alankar is modern and sufficiently developed.
tick iconIts living facilities are affordable for people with different ranges of earnings.
tick iconAlankar is generally a secure living area, particularly with the Police Box inside it.
tick iconRecreational areas are a good source of entertainment and relaxation for the people.

What needs attention?

tick iconAs the area is both residential and commercial, they often get in the way of each other, causing the residents to live in a noisy environment all the time.
tick iconSince the area is linked to the highway, there is always a risk of road accidents.
tick iconThe business-like environment of Alankar comes at the expense of the environment.

Neighbourhood Rating


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Connectivity & Commute5 out of 5
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Lifestyle & Facilities3.5 out of 5
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Safety & Security3.5 out of 5
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Environment3.5 out of 5

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