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Halishahar, Chattogram

At the bank of the Karnaphuli river and between the Bay of Bengal and Hill Tracts is located Halishahar Thana. It is one of the thriving and prominent areas in Chattogram District. You will need the Halishahar area guide to navigate through it, as it is filled with so many important locations, institutions, heritages, and remarkable landmarks.

The Halishahar area is about 9.64 sq./km or 3.72 sq./mile under the Chattogram City Corporation. According to the 2022 Census, the area had a population of 234,443, which has increased over the years. From the early days, Halishahar has been one of the busiest areas in the entire Chattogram district. Currently. It is also densely populated and has the district’s largest residential area.

The city’s name has a significant historical fact. It is said that during the 8th and 9th centuries, it was a temporary settlement location for Arab merchants. It was called the “Hawale City” during that time, which means “City Floor”. And it later turned into Halishahar.

This coastal area also has significant and busy locations, such as the Chattogram Port, Chattogram EPZ, multiple beach areas, Navy Colony, and Fishery ghats, and many national and commercial companies and their headquarters. As a result, the Halishahar area has many transportation routes, including multiple railway stations

Moreover, it has many reputed educational institutions, training and sports centers, parks, conventional halls, medical institutions, religious institutions, shopping complexes, and more. The Chattogram EPZ is the largest export processing zone in the area and 4th (among 700) economic zones in the world.

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City Insights

tick iconHalishahar is a port area of Chattogram, located in the Southern part of the district.
tick iconThe area has the largest port in the country, many export-import processing zones, housing areas, and commercial places.
tick iconThe Halishahar area is surrounded by river side areas, seaside areas, and it has several ports, rivers and lots of greenery.
tick iconThere are many bus stations that easily connect the area to other parts of the district via bus, car, and local transport.
tick iconDue to its wide railway line, one can easily connect to various parts of the Halishahar area. It runs from the Chattogram Railway Station to Halishahar Railway Station through the Port Link Road and goes all the way to the Cricket Stadium Railway Station.

Known Landmarks

  • Halishahar Beach

  • Couchala Sea Beach

  • Chattogram Port

  • Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation Headquarters

  • Karnaphuli River

  • Bangladesh Railway Training Academy


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Bus Routes

Halishahar - Patenga Sea Beach
Halishahar - Agrabad
Halishahar - Pahartali
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Nearest Train Stations

Halishahar Railway Station
Cricket Stadium Railway Station
Pahartali Railway Station
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New Developments

tick iconChattogram WASA has proposed a new sewerage project that is to begin in 2024.
tick iconThere are several residential and commercial projects under development.

What’s great here?

tick iconMost of the roads in important parts of the area are developed, and many roads are under development.
tick iconWith many important locations and institutions, Halishahar offers easy and convenient communication.
tick iconIt has multiple railway stations that connect the area with various parts of Chattogram District.
tick iconThere are many suitable apartments available for renting and purchasing.
tick iconLiving in Halishahar is affordable, and it offers access to many amenities.
tick iconThere are multiple police stations and checkpoints in the area.
tick iconThe area has many greeneries, beautiful landscapes, beach areas, and amenities.

What needs attention?

tick iconSometimes, contaminated water is a crucial issue for the residents of the area.
tick iconThe highways are prone to traffic accidents due to reckless driving.
tick iconSince it is a coastal area, Halishahar often suffers from heavy storms, floods, water clogging, and high water salinity problems.
tick iconThe area has the risk of tidal surges and landslides.

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Safety & Security4.5 out of 5
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Environment3 out of 5

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