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Sholashahar, Chattogram

The central Chattogram City Corporation area is modern and prosperous and is often known to be filled with several of Chattogram District’s economic areas. One such area is Sholashahar, under wards 6 and 7 of CCC. However, what makes the Sholashahar area guide more interesting is that it is divided into two parts: the East Sholashahar and the Sholashahar.

The East Sholashahar area has a 2.41 square kilometer land area and a population over 60,000 (2011 Census) bound by Chawkbazar Ward, Shulakbahar Ward, East and West Bakila Wards, and the Chandgain Ward. The East Sholashahar is under the jurisdiction of ward no. 7 and Chandgaon Police Station of CCC. Some of the other notable areas in and near it are East Bahaddarhat, Bolithat, Rahattarpool, etc.

On the other hand, West Sholashar is under the jurisdiction of Panchlaish Police Station and Ward no. 6 of CCC. It has a land area of 3.16 square kilometers and a population of over 1,25,517 (2011 Census). This area is bounded by Jalalabad Ward, Chandgaon Ward, Panchlaish Ward, and the Shulkabar Ward. Other notable areas in West Sholashahar are Nasirabad, Nazirpara, Mohammadpur, Alinagar, etc.

The East and West of Sholashahar meet Bahaddarhat Mor in the middle, which is one of the heavily trafficked areas in Sholashahar. Using the bus routes, people can easily travel to many other locations from here, including Agrabad, Tigerpass Mor, Chattogram University, GEC Mor, etc.

Since it is one of the busiest areas in Chattoram City, Sholashahar is filled with many modern amenities. From super shops and restaurants to parks and medical centers, people can easily access everything they need. Moreover, with access to diverse communities and other living facilities, the population of the area is also increasing, making it one of the prominent areas for real estate business.

As a result, there has been a growth in property sales in the last few years. However, you should keep in mind that an economic area like Sholashar and its property doesn’t come cheap.

Nevertheless, whether you are moving here permanently or living temporarily, Sholashahr gives you access to many notable and popular locations, institutions, and more. Some of such locations in the Sholashahr are Biplob Udyan, Akhtaruzzaman Flyover, Bahaddarhat Mor, Bahaddarhat Pond Area, etc.

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City Insights

tick iconThe Sholashahar is an area of Chattogram District and is under the jurisdiction of CCC wards no. 6 and 7.
tick iconThe East Shalashahar is only a short distance from the Karnaphuli River.
tick iconSholashahr is an economic and business area of Chattogram with a good number of residential locations.
tick iconThe area is filled with cultural centers, education, financial, religious, and many other notable institutions.
tick iconThe Sholashahar area offers convenient communication by bus, train, CNGs, cars, bikes, and other means.

Known Landmarks

  • Hazrat Tajuddin Shah Mazar

  • Biplob Udyan

  • Khalashi Pukur Par Jame Mosjid

  • Sholashahar Railway Station

  • Akhtaruzzaman Flyover


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Bus Routes

Sholashahar - 2 No. Gate
Sholashahar - Chattogram-Hathazari Hwy
Sholashahar - New Bridge
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Nearest Train Stations

Sholashahar Railway Station
Chattogram Railway Station
Polytechnic Railway Station
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New Developments

tick iconNew residential and commercial buildings are currently under construction in Sholashahar.

What’s great here?

tick iconSholashahar has multi-lane roads, highways, and a flyover that offers a broader communication facility.
tick iconThe Sholashahar Railway also connects the area to other parts of Chattogram.
tick iconSholashahar offers both affordable and high-range housing for people of different economic classes.
tick iconThe area offers all the necessary amenities and living facilities.
tick iconThe area is under surveillance by two different police stations.
tick iconSholahshahar is among the best areas in which to live in a diverse cultural environment.

What needs attention?

tick iconThe roads are heavily trafficked and are often prone to accidents.
tick iconThere are several underdeveloped houses in East Solashahar.
tick iconThere have been a number of unexpected occurrences in the past years.
tick iconThe area often suffers from water logging issues during the rainy seasons.
tick iconUrbanization has reduced greenery in the area and filled it with pollution.

Neighbourhood Rating


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Connectivity & Commute4.5 out of 5
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Lifestyle & Facilities4.5 out of 5
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Safety & Security4 out of 5
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Environment3.5 out of 5

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