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Patenga, Chattogram

Patenga is a stunning coastal area under the Chattogram City Corporation. It’s just 14 Km south of Chattogram. Patenga is famous for its ideal location in the Bay of Bengal. It has a unique mix of natural beauty and well-facilitated accommodation. This is why every year many people visit this place and enjoy the lively rhythms of nature.

The main attraction of this area is the smooth communication from the peaceful beaches. This area has a lot of different places to live, so it can suit people who want the peace and quiet of living by the sea or who want to be close to the benefits of city life. Also, this is an area that offers a variety of food-tasting opportunities, from delicious fish to food from around the world. You can also easily get to places to shop for everything from traditional crafts to modern stores.

Patenga has big and well-managed roads and the place is very close to major transportation routes, Which is a great plus point for visitors.

Patenga is not just about the lovely sites and views, it also has many schools and hospitals nearby, making sure that residents can get the services they need. Some cities may have more residential facilities than this one, but the beach is a great place to play in nature and get away from the busy city life, which adds to the area's charm.

As the only beachfront community in a big city, Patenga offers a lifestyle choice that can't be found anywhere else in Chattogram. It combines the best of coastal beauty with city conveniences, making it a great place for both relaxing and living a busy city life.

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City Insights

tick iconPatenga is popular for its lovely beachfront, offering a unique blend of leisure and commerce.
tick iconThis place is well-known for its vibrancy. The perfect blend of beach attractions, seafood restaurants, and local markets, makes it a great location to live.
tick iconDue to Chattogram International Airport and the ports, Patenga is easily accessible. Access to main roadways and a range of transit alternatives makes commuting to and from the area convenient for personal and commercial use.
tick iconPatenga contains schools and hospitals for its residents, these facilities ensure local access to vital medical and educational services.

Known Landmarks

  • Bangladesh Naval Academy

  • Shah Amanat International Airport

  • Patenga Beach

  • Chittagong Port

  • Karnaphuli River

  • Chittagong Foy's Lake


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Bus Routes

Patenga – Chattogram
Patenga - Sylhet
Patenga - Dhaka
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Nearest Train Stations

Bangladesh Railway Station, Chattogram

New Developments

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What’s great here?

tick iconThe area's strategic location by the Bay of Bengal makes it a key gateway for maritime activities and tourism.
tick iconIt's easy to get to Patenga from Chattogram International Airport and the ports. With easy access to major roads and a variety of public transportation options, this place provides great connectivity.
tick iconPatenga is famous for its beachfront enjoyment choices, such as lively restaurants, markets, and parks that offer a unique coastal lifestyle.
tick iconCombining the scenic beauty of Patenga Beach with well-kept public areas, it provides a welcome break from city life, creating a peaceful and attractive spot for activities and relaxation.

What needs attention?

tick iconAs this is a tourist place so more transportation system is needed
tick iconIt has fewer residential areas than accommodations for tourists.

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Connectivity & Commute4.5 out of 5
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Lifestyle & Facilities4 out of 5
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Safety & Security4 out of 5
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Environment5 out of 5

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