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Dohar, Dhaka

Dohar is an upazila Of the capital Dhaka. It has a total area of 161.49 km^2 and is nestled along the serene banks of the Padma River. It is a very renowned place on the outskirts of Dhaka for its agricultural heritage. Dohar offers a different view from the bustling city life of Dhaka. Its rural charm and the slower pace of life present a stark contrast to the urban hustle.

It has around 49,400 households in Dohar. The area has numerous historic sites, beautiful greenery, and rivers. Which makes it a peaceful place to visit or a taste of life in rural Bangladesh. Though, most of the homes in Dohar were traditional in the past, now more and more modern homes are being built there. It’s because of the growing population that wants to live in peace and closeness to nature.

Dohar's transportation depends mostly on regional roads and rivers that connect it to connect with Dhaka and other areas. However, the transportation in Dohar is a bit disappointing, as they are not sufficient. But with the less options, you will get a peaceful ride.

Also, there are plenty of schools and hospitals in Dohar, to ensure proper services that the people who live there can get when they need them. People who want to experience a mix of rural charm and modest urban development will enjoy this area because it is dedicated to protecting its natural and cultural history while also welcoming growth.

Though Dohar does not feature the urban conveniences of places like Eskaton, its appeal lies in its peaceful environment, community-focused lifestyle, and the beauty of its natural surroundings, marking it as a distinctive and cherished part of the Dhaka Division.

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City Insights

tick iconDohar offers beautiful scenery and a peaceful atmosphere beside the Padma River. Thus it is a great place for those who want to avoid the chaos of the city.
tick iconIt offers a small trip to the country’s rich cultural heritage and rural economy through its traditional crafts and agriculture.
tick iconThe area has adequate schools and healthcare centres to support the people who live there.
tick iconDohar is becoming easier to get to day by day. It is also connecting its people to the rest of Dhaka and beyond with the growing number of transportation.

Known Landmarks

  • Padma Resort

  • Rajendra Eco Resort & Village

  • Jadunath High School

  • Dohar Nawab Family Palace

  • Ati Bhawal Rajbari

  • Shimulia Ferry Terminal


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Bus Routes

Dohar – Nawabganj
Dohar – Keraniganj
Dohar – Zinzira
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Nearest Train Stations

Dohabanga Railway Station

New Developments

tick iconEnsure access for all to safe and affordable housing and basic services

What’s great here?

tick iconThough Dohar is known as a rural area its beautiful roads and better river transportation connect it with the city easily
tick iconIt is a very welcoming area. People here share a strong bond with each other.
tick iconDohar is the best place for those who don't like city life's hustle. This area is very close to nature, yet has lots of local markets and fresh food.
tick iconDohar has lots of farmlands and all of them are surrounded bt thick vegetation. Also, this area is situated beside the Padma River. Which makes it a great place to admire the beauty of nature. The best thing about this area is the people who live here alw

What needs attention?

tick iconLack of easily accessible transportation.
tick iconNo security system like guards or CCTV
tick iconIncreases sound and dust pollution.

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Safety & Security3.5 out of 5
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