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Jamuna Future Park, Dhaka

The whole Dhaka city stares with awe at the colossal structure near Bashundhara gate. The meticulous architecture and vibrant outlook will certainly draw your attention to the building. Yes, you guessed it right. I am talking about Jamuna Future Park.

When this upscale shopping complex opened to the public in 2013, it shifted the dynamics of the residential and commercial future of the area. As South Asia’s largest mall, this park has uplifted the land value and rent of the area.

Not that the surrounding area was downtrodden or inexpensive before this Jamuna Future Park. However, after its inauguration, the neighboring area attained the Posh area of Dhaka status for that one structure.

The neighborhood adjacent to the park is Bashundhara Residential area. This area is one of the affluent and busy locations of Dhaka. Besides that, Jamuna Future Park is vicinal to the Baridhara Residential area, Baridhara DOHS, Gulshan, and Shahjalal International Airport.

Such a meticulous position of the park has rippled across the vicinity, making this area one of the most coveted locations in Dhaka. The upscale lifestyle and abundant urban privileges are some of the reasons why Dhaka people are looking forward to nestling in this area.

Even though the lavish lifestyle and amenities are a huge plus point, the area is more popular with some noteworthy educational institutions. Viqarunnesa Noon School, North South University, American International University Bangladesh, and Independent University Bangladesh have campuses near Jamuna Future Park.

Not only the Jamuna Future Park, the park's surroundings are always replete with festivity and chaos. The bustling noise of the roads, the sizzling sound from the food courts, and the laughs and laughter resonating from the hangouts provide a unique outlook of the Jamuna Future Park area.

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City Insights

tick iconJamuna Future Park is located in the prime location of Dhaka. It is at the edge of all the posh areas of Dhaka.
tick iconAffluent lifestyle and congenial neighborhood connect the residents of the area.
tick iconMany MNCs, banks, and commercial institutions established their headquarters or branches nearby.
tick iconThe Jamuna Future Park itself is a resource of revenue and a prominent economic source. In addition, the surrounding shopping centers, food courts, and bazaars generate tons of revenue, boosting the economy.
tick iconThe buses from any route have a stoppage at the front of Jamuna Future Park. This makes transportation easy and swift.

Known Landmarks

  • Jamuna Amusement Park

  • International Convention City Bashundhara

  • Chef’s Table Courtyard

  • Independence Monument

  • Ocean Joy Park

  • Baridhara Lakeside Rajuk Park


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Bus Routes

Jamuna Future Park - Kuril
Bashundhara - Jamuna Future Park
Jamuna Future Park - Khilkhet
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New Developments

tick iconThe Purbachal New Town Project is one of the largest projects of the Government. Purbachal City is closely adjacent to Jamuna Future Park.

What’s great here?

tick iconPublic transport is easily available. Many CNGs, bikes, and rickshaws are on standby to take you to your destination.
tick iconThe lifestyle near the area is very posh and lavish.
tick iconThe area is replete with urban facilities. As a resident, you hardly need to leave the area to satiate your needs.
tick iconThe area has its own personal security management. The residential community is very safe and sound.
tick iconAs a fully urbanized city, this area has many greeneries. The air pollution index is quite low in the area.

What needs attention?

tick iconThe power struggle between some companies disturbs the free commute near the area.
tick iconOnly rich and upper-class people can afford to reside here. Such extravaganza makes it impossible for the middle class to live here.
tick iconSometimes sports and high-speed cars cause accidents and terrorize general people.
tick iconRapid urbanization without considering the environmental factors is one of the biggest problems in this area.

Neighbourhood Rating


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Connectivity & Commute4.5 out of 5
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Lifestyle & Facilities4.5 out of 5
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Safety & Security3.5 out of 5
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Environment3.5 out of 5

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