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Khulna Sadar, Khulna

Khulna, the industrial city of Bangladesh, is the country's 3rd largest and most populous city. The history has bequeathed this city a glorious past, and The mighty Sundarbans have made this city a legacy. Khulna Sadar is the main capital city of the Khulna division. It accommodates around 224,444 people in a 12.21 sq. km area.

On the bank of Rupsha River, the city stands with valor and pride. Due to the adjacent point with Mongla Port on the outskirts of the Sadar, Khulna has flourished as an industrial and commercial hub. Khulna is also known as the City of Shrimp, as this area exports around 75% of shrimp abroad. As a prominent export-import zone, Khulna has flourished economically and in trade.

However, Khulna is more than just a hub for trade and commerce. This city is a concoction of modernity and traditionality. Here, you will find all the urban facilities without the toxic urbanization. The city has traditional architectural landmarks and modern living facilities. The residential areas are quite luxurious and exhibit elegance and traditionality.

From parks and mosques to eateries, Khulna Sadar is replete with fun activities. The neighborhood is very congenial and friendly. One offbeat attribute of this Khulna Sadar is the presence of some prestigious educational institutions. Some noteworthy institutes are Khulna Collegiate School, Khulna Zilla School, and Green Buds English School.

Khulna is an ancient city and plays an important role in Bangladesh's economy. Khulna Sadar is at the prime location of Khulna district, which encapsulates the whole essence of Khulna. Today, Khulna emulates the capital city, Dhaka, and the Commercial capital, Chattogram.

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City Insights

tick iconKhulna is the 3rd largest city of Bangladesh and an important industrial hub.
tick iconThis city is a landfill of mosques, educational institutions, eateries, and historical places.
tick iconThe city is green, and the air is breezy and gentle. However, the excessive number of rickshaws and vehicles is causing noise pollution.
tick iconKhulna connects almost all parts of Bangladesh, starting from Chittagong to Rajshahi.
tick iconWithin Khulna Sadar, there is no public bus service. But any other mode of transportation is easily available.

Known Landmarks

  • Shahid Hadis Park

  • Darul Uloom Mosque

  • Genocide Museum

  • Khan Jahan Ali Bridge

  • khulna University

  • Rabindra Complex


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Bus Routes

Khulna Sadar - Zero Point Bus Stop
Khulna Sadar - BIDC Road
Khulna Sadar - Sonadanga Bus Terminal
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Nearest Train Stations

Khulna Railway Station

New Developments

tick icon24 major infrastructure projects are ongoing in the education, waste management, engineering, and public works sectors.

What’s great here?

tick iconKhulna not only connects different cities of Bangladesh but is also an important junction connecting to Kolkata.
tick iconKhulna Sadar is very influential in the South-west region of the country.
tick iconKhulna is a hub for export-import, especially in India.
tick iconKhulna, even though a modern city, still retains the suburban lifestyle that prioritizes congenial relationships with friends and family.
tick iconKhulna city is an equilibrium of nature and urban. The fresh breeze of the Rupsha River dilutes well within the hustle-bustle of the city chaos.

What needs attention?

tick iconA disorganized traffic system often causes traffic jams on the main roads.
tick iconDisorderly markets and bazaars cause hardship for the citizens.
tick iconKhulna city and its main streets are yet to be within the framework of CCTV coverage, which poses a security threat.
tick iconThe incessant pollution in Rivers and khals is threatening the lives and livelihood of Khulna city.

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