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Chawkbazar, Chattogram

Chawkbazar is located at the heart of Chattogram City. This area rightfully encapsulates the spirit of Chattogram due to its abundance of commerce, nature, culture, and history. It is a mosaic of educational institutions, commercial spaces, and residential areas. Chawkbazar is the no.16 ward of Chattogram City Corporation that accommodates over 200,000 people.

Chawkbazar is a city of rich history. Once regarded as Police Fari, it is now a bustling city replete with trade and commerce. During the British period, it was a place of rendezvous for merchants and traders to commence their day-to-day business. The name itself resonates with the glorious past of the trade and marketing that catapulted in the area.

The city evolved, and so did the people. But the essence of the past still lingers there within old buildings, narrow streets, and age-old shops. However, the commercial core of the city is still alive and teeming with more trade and commerce. Textile is a big market in this area. Beyond that, you will find electronics, spices, and household items at an affordable price.

Chawkbazar has another identity other than trade and commerce. It is one of the prime educational hubs filled with prestigious schools predating Bangladesh's liberation. Some noteworthy institutions are Chittagong Government High School, Government Hazi Mohammad Mohsin College, and Chattogram College.

Even though it is stocked with urban facilities, Chawkbazar has that traditional neighborhood connection, which is lost in many areas. The residential areas are often buzzing for hangouts and gatherings. The tea stalls, street food stalls, and eateries are seen to be abuzz with discussions of either politics or cricket.

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City Insights

tick iconChawkbazar is an old city but packed with modern facilities.
tick iconThis area is located at the heart of Chittagong city, and anywhere from here is easily accessible.
tick iconChawkbazar has some Khal that are on the brink of extinction. The parks provide a hint of greenery in this urban city.
tick iconFor this bliss of being at the core of the city, this bus and other transportation routes are spread like a spider web.
tick iconThe area is only a 30-minute walking distance from the Sholashohor Junction.

Known Landmarks

  • Chattogram War Cementry

  • Parade Ground

  • Sanmar, Chattogram

  • VIP tower

  • Bali Arcade

  • United Nations Park


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Bus Routes

Chawkbazar - Andor killa
Chawkbazar - Laldighi
Chawkbazar - New Market
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Nearest Train Stations

Sholashohor Junction

New Developments

tick iconBali Arcade is a multipurpose shopping complex that was inaugurated in 2018. This mall is the epitome of a modern and futuristic shopping experience.
tick iconMany residential and commercial locations are developing and renovated by various real estate institutions such as Equity, Butterfly Marketing, and Final Touch.

What’s great here?

tick iconChawkbazar is a connecting point of Chattogram city. Being at the core of the city, it can access any location easily.
tick iconThe bus is the easiest mode of transportation for the public. However, the roads and streets are replete with rickshaws.
tick iconDue to the abundance of schools and colleges, the roads are often jam-packed during peak hours.
tick iconChawkbazar is an old city with urban facilities. There are countless number of schools, parks, markets, and offices.
tick iconThe city is losing its greenery and fresh air due to excessive air pollution and developments.

What needs attention?

tick iconSome streets are too congested and often grabbed by haphazard rickshaws.
tick iconChaotic street vendors and loud hangouts by college students often disturb people on the street.
tick iconThe residential areas are scattered and not systematic. There have been some reports of theft and burglary.
tick iconThe loud and cacophonous noise of street vendors and traffic often disrupts people’s peace.

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Safety & Security3.5 out of 5
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Environment3.5 out of 5

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