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Hathazari, Chattogram

Hathazari is a crowded and vibrant upazila in the Chittagong district of southeastern Bangladesh. It is an important area for commercial, economic, communication, educational institutions, office-courts, housing, etc. Surrounded by green nature, and hills, the Hathazari region is rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. The area has a unique combination of traditional educational institutions and a fraternal lifestyle of followers of various religions.

Fatikchari upazila is north of Hathazari, Panchlaish and Chandgaon police stations of Chittagong City Corporation are in the south, Raujan upazila is in the east and Sitakunda upazila is in the west. The upazila is divided into several unions, each consisting of several villages. Al-Jamiyatul Ahlia Darul Uloom Moinul Islam Madrasah here, popularly known as Hathazari Madrasah, is one of the country's best and largest Qawmi Madrasas. Hathazaris has a rich cultural heritage with a blend of traditional Bengali culture and Islamic influences.

The economy of Hathazari is mainly based on trade and agriculture. The upazila has a variety of small and large businesses and markets that contribute to the local economy. The area's agricultural research center, veterinary research center, and power plant contribute greatly to the country's economy.

Hathazari has an army camp, police station, and fire brigade. The transport and communication system of this area is well developed. The connectivity from this area to Chittagong city, and other surrounding areas is quite good. It is also well connected by buses and railways to the major cities of the country.

The housing system in this area is quite good due to the pleasant environment, good public transport, educational institutions, healthcare, and good security. Also being commercially and economically important, several commercial buildings, modern apartment buildings, and various development projects are currently coming up in Hathazari. With a charming mix of rural and urban, and amenities within reach, the area has become quite populous, with residential buildings on the rise.

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City Insights

tick iconHathazari is intersected by the Halda River. This river contributes to fertile land and agricultural productivity.
tick iconThe region includes parts of the Chittagong Hill Tracts, with some areas covered by forest.
tick iconHathazari is surrounded by Fatikchhari Upazila on the north, Panchlaish Thana and Chandgaon Thana on the south, Raozan Upazila on the east, and Sitakunda Upazila on the west.
tick iconThe upazila covers an area of approximately 251.28 square kilometers. The main river is Halda, it is the largest and only natural fish breeding ground in Bangladesh.
tick iconThe Halda River is notable for being one of the major breeding grounds for various fish. Fish breeding and rice cultivation is the significant part of Hathazari’s economy.
tick iconThe area's agricultural research center, veterinary research center, and power plant contribute greatly to the country's economy.
tick iconHathazari is connected by national highway N106, which links it to the major city of Chittagong. Hathazari Railway Station is part of the Chittagong-Dohazari branch line.
tick iconSeveral local roads connect to neighboring towns, ensuring good intra-regional connectivity.
tick iconHathazari is known for its strong Islamic cultural influence. Al-Jamiatul Ahlia Darul Ulum Moinul Islam Hathazari has a profound impact on the social norms and values of the area.
tick iconMezban is a traditional beef dish that is an essential part of social gatherings and feasts.
tick iconThe name "Hathazari" is thought to be derived from a haat (market) founded by Bir Singh Hazari, one of the pardoned Hazaris.

Known Landmarks

  • Al Jamiatul Ahlia Darul Uloom Moinul Islam-Hathazari

  • Baitul Atiq Jam-e Masjid

  • Chittagong University

  • Sattaya Saha's Home

  • Central Shaheed Minar, at Chittagong University


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Bus Routes

Hathazari to Chattogram City (New Market/Agrabad/GEC Circle)
Hathazari to Oxygen Mor (Chawkbazar/Muradpur)
Hathazari to Bahaddarhat
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Nearest Train Stations

Chittagong Railway station
Hathazari Railway Station
Chittagong University Railway Station

New Developments

tick iconChittagong University Expansion and Upgrades
tick iconChittagong Port Developments
tick iconDevelopment of affordable housing projects in Forhadabad and Mirzapur

What’s great here?

tick iconHathazari is connected to the Dhaka-Chittagong Highway, one of the most important highways in Bangladesh.
tick iconThe transportation network supports the movement of goods to and from markets and industrial hubs.
tick iconThe roads and railways are well-connected. However, during peak hours, you will face traffic jams on the main streets.
tick iconThe area is predominantly Muslim, and religious events are central to the social life. The cost of living is generally lower than in the metropolitan city. There are tons of schools, hospitals, parks, markets, and offices.
tick iconHathazari Bazaar is a bustling local market where residents can buy fresh produce, groceries, and household items. Community centers and cultural organizations host events and activities, promoting local culture and arts.
tick iconHathazari has an army camp, police station, and fire brigade. Healthcare Facilities, Emergency Services, and Community Policing Initiatives are also available here.
tick iconHalda River Conservation and afforestation Projects. Surrounded by green nature, and hills, the Hathazari region is rich in history, culture, and natural beauty.

What needs attention?

tick iconTraffic is a serious problem in this area. Need to improve public transportation facilities and management of large trucks and lorries.
tick iconNeed to increase modern housing facilities, gas lines, and electricity. Need to improve healthcare facilities and recreational facilities.
tick iconNeed to establish a strong community policing program, surveillance systems, and youth engagement.
tick iconDue to agricultural expansion and urbanization, deforestation is a significant concern. The monsoon season brings heavy rainfall, often resulting in flooding. Industrial activities, particularly in the larger Chittagong area, contribute to air and water p

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