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Kajir Dewry, Chattogram

As the Kazir Dewri area guide suggests, Kazir Dewri, a neighborhood in Chattogram City, has a past with people known as Kazi or Judge of the Court of Arbitration. Years ago, they used to be the judges to help general people reconcile on occasions of conflicts. They would also give sentences to criminals and have them executed in order to restore justice in society.

Over time, their reputation grew, and soon, the area became known as Kazir Dewri. The word Dewri means gate, inside which the court of the Kazi was set up. This is a tale of centuries ago, probably before the Mughals came to Bengal. Later, the name Kazir Dewri was found in British documents, too.

Although their traditional job has not been in action for ages, the descendants of the Kazi family still live in Chattogram. Even though their popularity declined as time went by, the name of the area indicates the fame and significance of the Kazis’ position in the community. To date, they are fondly remembered by the locals who learned about them from their ancestors.

Fast forward to the present, Kazir Dewri is a well-developed area in the core of Chattogram City. Everyone living here enjoys the perfect urban life with every facility accessible and available to them. The urbanization of the place will give you a taste of city life, which also explains why the population is increasing day by day. The multistoried buildings and apartments attract many families to settle their lives here.

A remarkable part of this once-quiet neighborhood is its Stadiumpara. The name of the stadium is MA Aziz Stadium where local teams play football and cricket. The country’s national football team also uses the multi-purpose stadium occasionally.

The Mukta Mancha, situated at the center of Stadiumpara, is the main attraction of the locals. Over the years, it has become popular for its food stalls offering everything from tea to seafood to different cuisines. If you travel around to see the CRB area, don’t forget to stop by here and savor your favorite food!

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City Insights

tick iconKazir Dewri is an urban residential area under the Chattogram City Corporation, linked to other residential areas bounding it.
tick iconThe residents in the area enjoy the modern facilities of an advanced social life.
tick iconIt has a bustling environment full of recreational spots and restaurants.
tick iconHistorically, the area was mainly popular for its Kazis, or judges of the Court of Arbitration.
tick iconThe area is economically well-developed, with different kinds of businesses and financial institutions.

Known Landmarks

  • Stadiumpara

  • M A Aziz Stadium

  • International Convention Center

  • Almas Cinema Hall

  • Kazi Bari Jame Mosque


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Bus Routes

Kazir Dewri - Almas
Kazir Dewri - WASA Mor
Kazir Dewri - GEC
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Nearest Train Stations

Chattogram Railway Station
Pahartali Railway Station
Sholashohor Railway Station
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New Developments

tick iconSome housing and commercial development projects are ongoing in the area.

What’s great here?

tick iconThe position of Kazir Dewri connects it to different important areas in the city, making commutes easy for the locals.
tick iconAlong with rickshaws and CNGs, multiple local bus services and railway stations within a short distance made transportation highly convenient.
tick iconResidents can send their children to nearby schools and colleges.
tick iconThere are many recreational spots where young people can enjoy themselves, and adults can socialize with each other.
tick iconPeople do not have to go far from the area to fulfill their daily needs, i.e., grocery shopping, banking, etc.
tick iconAs a residential area, the place is adequately secure for its people.
tick iconThe city life environment has its share of natural beauty.

What needs attention?

tick iconAmong innumerable restaurants and markets, the lack of advanced medical facilities is visible.
tick iconHousing and living expenses in Kazir Dewri are not as affordable as in some other neighborhoods in Chattogram.
tick iconThe roads are often packed because of the stalls on the footpaths.
tick iconThe area gets overcrowded during busy hours.

Neighbourhood Rating


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Connectivity & Commute5 out of 5
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Lifestyle & Facilities4 out of 5
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Safety & Security4.5 out of 5
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Environment3.5 out of 5

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